5 Reasons Why You Should Find an Internship In Vietnam

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Why should you consider finding an internship in Vietnam? We are living in an increasingly inter-connected world where trading and international collaboration are needed more than ever. More and more employers are looking to hire “global employees” who do not only have prior experience but also the flexibility and adaptability for a globalized working environment. This emphasis on international experience gives momentum to the idea that internships is a “must have” on the resume of a candidate. In terms of demand and opportunities, Vietnam is ultimately an ideal location for your much-needed internship abroad. And here are 5 reasons why you should find an internship in Vietnam.

1. Safety: 

Safety is one of the most important factors that visitors always take into consideration before finalizing the destinations for their trips. The world is becoming a more dangerous place and there are now just 10 countries which can be considered completely free from conflict, according to authors of the 10th annual Global Peace Index. The worsening conflict in the Middle East, the lack of a solution to the refugee crisis and an increase in deaths from major terrorist incidents have all contributed to the world being less peaceful in 2016 than it was in 2015. And there are now fewer countries in the world which can be considered truly at peace – in other words, not engaged in any conflicts either internally or externally – than there were in 2014. According to the Institute for Economics and Peace, a think tank which has produced the index for the past 10 years, only Botswana, Chile, Costa Rica, Japan, Mauritius, Panama, Qatar, Switzerland, Uruguay and Vietnam are free from conflict. This is a good sign for Vietnam to step up and improve its tourism competitiveness to attract a bigger flow of international travellers in the near future. 

Internship in Vietnam Natasha

Internship in Vietnam is ideal because it is one of the safest country to travel to.

However, safety is just one in many reasons why Vietnam is an ideal destination for your internship.

2. Potential Growth:

As an emerging South East Asian economy of increasingly dynamic competition and promising opportunities, Vietnam offers a wide variety of internship opportunities, ranging from sustainable development to science and technology. The country’s rapid growing economy, thriving tech-minded entrepreneurs, a booming tourist industry, overloaded healthcare system and ecological jeopardy, etc. all allow for endless internship opportunities in various fields. Exploring oneself in Vietnam professionally provides unparalleled opportunities to observe the nation’s ongoing economic liberalization and rapid development blended with strong cultural heritage. Undeniably, it would add a winning advantage to the students’ profile in their future pursuit for global careers in the promising Asia.

Sandra 6

SE Vietnam Nursing Intern (third from right) taking part in an operation at a Vietnam public hospital with U.S. doctors from ReSurge International – an organization which provides reconstructive surgery care for poor children and adults in developing countries during her Nursing internship in Vietnam.

Jack 2

Tourism and Hospitality is a booming industry in Vietnam due to the increasing number of tourists to Vietnam in recent years. A great field for internship in Vietnam.

Internship in Vietnam David 1

Blooming start-up culture, international investments, and a young, educated workforce drive a growing economy and IT innovation in Vietnam. Currently, there are  now there are close to 14,000 IT businesses in hardware, software, and digital content which makes for great opportunities for IT internship in Vietnam. In the picture, SE Vietnam intern pictured in front of Quang Trung Software city, also his workplace, Vietnam’s largest software park. 

Internship in Vietnam Alana

The fast growing economy and ongoing international investments make internship in Vietnam within business fields (finance, marketing, sales,…) widely available. 

Internship in Vietnam Ian

SE Vietnam intern (first left) scored a International Relation Internship in Vietnam at one of the most prestigious University in Ho Chi Minh City.

 3. The Culture and the History:

Vietnam has an impressive 2000 year-old history and several political turbulences. It has been a constant fight of the locals here, to say the least, in order to heal, carry on and moreover for Vietnam to be standing tall and thriving like it is today. As a result, doing some scavenger hunt and learning about the country’s history is definitely a treat. There are monuments and historical sites throughout Vietnam, including Cu Chi Tunnel in the South, My Son Sanctuary and Hue Imperial Citadel  in Central Vietnam, Trang An Landscape Complexin the North and so on.

Internship in Vietnam Cu Chi

Inside Cu Chi Tunnel. The tunnels of Củ Chi are an immense network of connecting underground tunnels located in the Cu Chi District of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and are part of a much larger network of tunnels that underlie much of the country. The Cu Chi tunnels were the location of several military campaigns during the Vietnam War, and were the Viet Cong’s base of operations for the Tet Offensive in 1968. (Source: Wikipedia)

Internship in Vietnam My SOn

My Son Sanctuary dates from the 4th to the 13th centuries CE. The property is located in the mountainous border Duy Xuyen District of Quang Nam Province, in central Viet Nam. It is situated within an elevated geological basin surrounded by a ring of mountains(holly land of Cham people and a masterpiece of ancient Cham architecture, explored by a French scholar during the French colonization.The My Son Sanctuary is a remarkable architectural ensemble that developed over a period of ten centuries. It presents a vivid picture of spiritual and political life in an important phase of the history of South-East Asia. The monuments are unique and without equal in Southeast Asia.  Source: Picture:

Internship in Vietnam Hue Citadel

Hue Imperial Citadel is one of Vietnam’s seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites, established as the capital of unified Viet Nam in 1802, Hue was not only the political but also the cultural and religious centre under the Nguyen dynasty until 1945. The Perfume River winds its way through the Capital City, the Imperial City, the Forbidden Purple City and the Inner City, giving this unique feudal capital a setting of great natural beauty. The Complex of Hue Monuments site has suffered from the effects of 3 wars, as well as modern development and expanding human settlements.  Nevertheless the complex of monuments within its landscape setting remains sufficiently well preserved as a whole, or recorded, to demonstrate that the overall integrity of the site has been maintained

Internship in Vietnam

 Situated near the southern margin of the Red River Delta, the Trang An Landscape Complex is a spectacular landscape of limestone karst peaks permeated with valleys, many of them partly submerged and surrounded by steep, almost vertical cliffs. Hoa Lu, the ancient capital of Viet Nam, was strategically established here in the 10th and 11th centuries AD. The property also contains temples, pagodas, paddy-fields and small villages.

Sometimes, however, the best source you can learn from is with the locals, the ones who grew up hearing the stories and know their history. You will find that the Vietnamese like to look forward; they don’t like to dwell in the past. For this reason, despite the years of fighting and most recent war, the country has moved on and spread its welcome arms to any internationals who want to come and learn more about the country’s culture and history during their internship in Vietnam.

4. The Food:

Vietnamese food is a must try for those who want a full range of experience of the Vietnamese culture. Vietnam prides itself on being one of the most diverse, delicious and healthy cuisines in the world. Thanks to its tropical climate, the long coast, and the prosperous northern and southern delta, Vietnam is blessed with numerous varieties of plants, you will be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of fruits and vegetables available in the country. A visit to a typical Vietnamese restaurant will most likely start with a plate of aromatic fresh herbs being served before anything is ordered. Vietnamese food is a world-renowned cuisine, so you are in for a treat when coming here, food lovers may have tried the best known Vietnamese dish: Pho but there are a plethora of dishes to try. Vietnam’s biggest cities Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi are home to thousands of street food stores and vendors, it is no surprise you can always find a delicious and filling rice dish or a quick crunchy Banh mi (Vietnamese baguette) for less than $2. You can also choose to dine out anywhere from local restaurants (which cost around $2-$5/meal) to Western cuisine ($5-$10 +). Be brave, go with a local friend the first time if you feel more comfortable, and try some of Vietnam’s delicious food during your internship in Vietnam.

Internship in Vietnam dry pho

A different variety of Pho – dry Pho, topped with fresh herbs and fried onions.Internship in Vietnam Vegetables

Plates of aromatic fresh herbs like this one are often given in advance when you order food, especially soup dishes in Vietnam.

5. The People:

One important factor that adds to the pace of Vietnam is the people. With a young demographic and a population of over 89 million people and room for economic growth, it feels like the country is always moving and there are always something “happening” here. This setting provides a perfect space where you can go explore and learn new things every day. The locals tend to be very friendly and open to having a conversation, if they can, about just about anything. Whether it is asking for directions or just wanted to say hello, you will be greeted with a warm smile every time and a helping hand. Young Vietnamese students, with the eagerness to learn and lack of exposure to international culture are always making initiatives to talk to you, usually in touristy areas and parks. Furthermore, after making some friends with the locals, you can really start to get a real perspective of the city and of Vietnam in general. It is always helpful to have a local person with you on any trip. Rest assured that it is not difficult to find someone, whether it be a local or an expat, that is up for an adventure and for just simply a cup of coffee and a conversation.

Internship in Vietnam local buddy

Young people in Vietnam are often full of energy, helpful, and very open to exchanging conversation with international friends, this is especially true with our network of local buddies here at SE Vietnam. The local buddies have always been an integral part of the students’ internship in Vietnam.

With cultural beauty, modern attraction and stable peace and endless self-growth opportunities Vietnam is truly the place to intern in South East Asia.



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