Founder & Director of SE Vietnam

I know that I must do something, both to create a more international environment inside Vietnam and to bring more chances for Vietnamese students to go overseas. Let us help you. We are SE Vietnam!


Mo is an alumna of US State Department’s Professional Exchange program (2013). She has a strong desire to change the brand name of Vietnam in international education map. She had experience in non-government project coordination and human resource training before joining a Vietnamese university in 2010, where she then became the Director of International Cooperation before starting up with SE Vietnam.

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Co-founder & Marketing Manager

” I join SE Vietnam to expand the circle of impacts to support more students, universities and organizations of diverse industries to access international network and opportunities. Start your journey!”


During her university time, Linh was the co-founder of a student-run volunteer club for Vietnamese and international participants. She is also the alumni of Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations and Vietnam Youth Union Intergovernmental Exchange Program. After graduation, she became the international education marketing and sales officer, then the international student manager at a Vietnamese university. Now she is a marketing manager at Student Exchange Vietnam. Her experience is based on education & training, marketing & sales and international projects. She has a passion for travelling and discovering cultures.

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Inbound Program Manager

“I am working as a SE Vietnam Program Coordinator whose main duties range from designing and packaging programs for international students coming to Vietnam on internship or study tour to supporting them in integration into the new life in Vienam. I am interested in working as an education manager.”


Since the first day at college, Ha has nurtured her dream of becoming an expert in the field of education. She also wishes to pursue higher education abroad to learn and experience herself how developed countries have succeeded in developing their education systems. Such enthusiasm for global exposure has encouraged her to be an active team leader at AIESEC Hanoi, then a program assistant at Student Exchange Vietnam.


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APU Project Manager

“I choose SE Vietnam because of its young spirit and values it aims to bring to society”

Vinh graduated from Foreign Trade University with double degree (International Trade and International Finance). During his time at FTU, he won the First Prize of Kawai Business Startup (400,000 ‎¥‎) and the First Prize of Startup Competition held by VCCI (50 mil VND) with a project to improve kindergarten education. After several years working as Coordinator at FPT International Academy – FPT Corporation, he found out about SE Vietnam and realized it was a suitable place where he could match his interest in startup and education. Now he is in charge of APU Project which is representative of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific Univeristy (APU) Japan in Vietnam.

Marketing Executive

“After taking a marketing internship with SE Vietnam in the summer of 2015, I fell in love with my mother’s home country of Vietnam and decided to move back after I graduated from university. Interning abroad really changed my perspective and brought me closer to my culture. Now I want to share the magic of Vietnam with future interns, so I have returned to the company that helped me start it all!”


Natasha is from Bloomington, Indiana, USA, but her mom is originally from Vietnam. She graduated from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University with a degree in marketing and international business and moved to Vietnam in August 2016. As a SE Vietnam alumnus, Natasha understands the perspective of the interns who come here and is able to share her experiences with them. She loves Vietnam and being able to live here has been nothing short of a dream for her. She actively wants to ensure other interns feel the same way about this country she now considers home.

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Program Coordinator - Inbound

“I just want to become a better world observer. My favorite part of being a coordinator is to get to know people of different cultures, listen to their stories, and help them learn as much as possible during their time here.”


Before Ngan joined the team full-time she worked as a local buddy and intern for us. She became interested in cross cultural studies during her time at university. She saw herself being influenced by the different cultures she got to know, mainly through media and the internet. She has a B.A. in English and her thesis dabbled a bit in American studies and media. She has been lucky enough to have been able to take part in short study abroad programs in Japan, Germany, New Zealand, and other Southeast Asian countries!

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