Alexandra Baulch

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I was very appreciated and valued at the host school, they were extremely welcoming and friendly. The teachers provided me with plenty of opportunities to interact with different year levels and observe classes. In addition, even though it is not their responsibility to, they were also very keen on showing me Vietnam and making me comfortable, I got to go on a trip to pagodas in Ho Chi Minh where I got to wear ao dai and get to know more about another aspect of Vietnamese life. One inconvenience I had would be that my accommodation was quite far from the school and I was by myself. But overall, this can be improved on and I would recommend the internship program to anyone interested.

gap yearAlexandra monitoring a class with a local teacher


She was loved by many of her students


Alexandra (second from left) wearing ao dai at work with other teachers.


Visiting the War Remnant Museum with the local buddies 


Farewell meal with SE Vietnam, supervisors and the local buddies


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