Cost of living in Vietnam

Apart from our program fees that help you get settled in Vietnam, it is suggested that you always carry a certain amount of pocket money so as to survive here during the time of your program.

In most cases, how much you will spend depends mostly on what you want to purchase or the services you want to use; however, in general the cost of living in Vietnam is around 50% lower than in the US.

Do you believe with just $ 600 USD/month you will have basically everything you need for your new life abroad, from housing, food, transportation to leisure activities???  

The following tables reveal the reasons why you can make it happen in Vietnam:


By accommodation, we mean a safe and private room which usually consists of the following conditions and is a great shelter for your new life in Vietnam. It is not a place for you to just sleep, but truly your second home in the world. 

You can check out further details and pictures of the different types of rooms you can choose for your stay in Vietnam HERE.



Once you are in Vietnam, our program coordinator and local buddies will guide you to use some of the most popular means of transportation in the country with which you can easily commute to work and travel around by yourself. Fare for each of them is shown as below:




Even though it mostly depends on what you want to order and whether you want to go out or eat at home, a meal in Vietnam will usually cost you from $ 2 to $ 5 US dollars only. Below are some of the most famous things to eat and drink in Vietnam, you might want to take them as a reference then:



(Costs are calculated according to 2015’s current prices)  


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I was extremely satisfied with my internship in Vietnam experience in general and the service that was providedby SE Vietnam in particular. The staffs always listened to my worries, and they tried to keep my safety and that really relieves my anxiety being in a foreign country.


I felt like even though my responsibilities in the company was not the most critical work, it sure was of great use to the company. I am overall very satisfied with my internship placement and the services provided by SE Vietnam and I would highly recommend it.


Take every opportunity that arises – teaching language after work, meals with companies, travel as much as possible…these really made the experience much better.
I can describe my internship in Vietnam in two words: diverse and interesting. Big thanks to SE Vietnam all their helps and supports, I really appreciated!


My International Relations Internship in Vietnam at the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH) was excellent. I would recommend this internship to future students looking to gain international experience.


Would I recommend the internship to anyone interested in Climate Change in a developing country? Definitely!