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Transformation and opportunities maybe the words best describe Vietnamese early childhood education at the moment. In recent decades, private pre-schooling has been significantly increasing, leading to a number of reforms on pedagogy, curriculum which promisingly brings educational benefits and especially child care for young Vietnamese children. There has been so far little national body, however, representing the voice and aspirations of private kindergarten owners and teachers. 

Therefore, the Advocacy Committee for the Establishment of the Vietnam Association for Non-public Preschool Education (VANPPE)  kicked off its activities in a soft launch event to relevant stakeholders, held on July 2nd, 2019 at the National Education College in Hanoi. This soft-launch attracted more than 300 participants, including: representatives from non-public kindergartens; officials from the departments of education and training among ten cities and provinces; researchers and lecturers specializing in early childhood education; representatives from the embassies of Australia and New Zealand; experts from international NGOs; as well as multinational companies with activities focusing in part on education namely Microsoft Vietnam. 


KidsOnline, a cloud-based kindergarten management system for school-parent communication, and for school operation, management, and reporting, plays a key contributor in the formation process of this inaugural kindergarten association, especially by engaging its 600 partner kindergartens to become members of VANPPE. Once established, VANPPE will be a national professional organization representing non-public kindergartens teachers, owners, administrators, working towards standards-based development of non-public preschool education, contributing to sustainable achievements within Vietnam’s preschool education goals.

As a partner with VANPPE, ABROADER with the mission of supporting international students to gain global awareness and local insights from ongoing engagement via Internship and Study programs in Vietnam, we have a wide variety of early childhood education internship to offer! Being education interns, students can play an active role in bringing about international experience and innovation to the local institutes while actively contributing to the local community via conducting educational seminars, workshops or carrying out research on early childhood education in Vietnam. But if becoming an English teacher or teaching assistant sounds appealing to you, take a look at Monash students’ education internship at the beginning of 2019!

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