From Ohio University to Ho Chi Minh city

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At the beginning of May, we’re very honored to welcome a group of 17 faculty members and staffs from Ohio University to Ho Chi Minh city. During their 7-day trip, we have tried our best to bring them better sense of Vietnamese lifestyle and working environment. Let’s see how much they enjoy Vietnam culture and environment!

  1. An eagerness to explore famous destinations in Vietnam. 

Despite just getting off a long-haul flight, faculty and staffs from Ohio University are still very excited to explore Ho Chi Minh city. Cameras are all ready to capture the beautiful images of famous landmarks such as: Pho Binh Restaurant, the Central Post Office and City Hall. 

DSC02052 (1)

DSC02051DSC02057 (1)                                                                         The Central Post Office

DSC02013 (1)                                                                       Pho Binh Restaurant

         2.         An willingness to understand the local people.

One special thing about faculty and staffs of Ohio University is that they’re really ready to get to know the local people. Wherever they go, they try their best to communicate with Vietnamese as an attempt to know more deeply about this city. They also do a great job in learning basic Vietnamese.

DSC02135                                                                      Talking to a little child

DSC02199                            Directly saying thank-you to the restaurant chef for their excellent food

DSC02039Receiving food from local people

     3.          A readiness to try new things

A strange culture cannot prevent them from fully enjoying the trip. A trip to Mekong Delta shows them a different aspect of Vietnam.  

DSC02495                                                                            Travelling by boat

DSC02419                                                                   Enjoying tasty fresh coconut

DSC02415                                                                        Trying the local people’s jobDSC02402                                                                Participating in a cooking class

We hope this 7-day trip somehow helps faculty and staffs from Ohio University feel the spirit of  Vietnam life. They also inspire us with their happy energy and curiosity. Wish you all the best wishes and see you next time, Ohio University!




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