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As the world starts to pay more attention to the effects our way of life is having on the environment, it is important that not only do people make changes in their personal lives, but also that businesses move in the direction of being more environmentally friendly. Earlier this year we began a partnership with GreenViet. GreenViet was one of the first consultants in Vietnam to focus on Sustainable Construction and Green Building and has since become the industry leader with over 50% of the market share in Vietnam. By following either the international LEED standards or local Vietnamese LOTUS standards, GreenViet has led over 100 green building projects projects throughout not only Vietnam, but other countries in Southeast Asia as well.


We are looking forward to sending many interns to GreenViet whether for engineering or architecture. The co-founder of GreenViet really enjoys bringing on interns from all backgrounds. He remembers what it was like trying to find a quality internship when he was beginning his career, so he wants to be that company for young people searching for internships by providing many opportunities and being a great mentor. While we have not sent an intern to GreenViet yet, we heard from a French student who took part in a 6-month internship with them, Léo. Léo had the opportunity to work on several projects throughout his time with GreenViet while also learning the ins and outs of LEED standards. For his first project, he worked with the energy team on a gymnasium. This project included working on daylight simulation, HVAC system, and materials with the building’s envelope. For his second project he switched to working with the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) team on a smoke clearance simulation. After some initial work on natural ventilation to discover CFD, he worked on smoke clearance in case of fire in a basement. He used Autodesk CFD which allowed him to calculate the smoke visibility which is important matter on safety issues. He also did a matlab program to simulate the heat transfer in a wavy wall. From all of these experiences, Léo learned a lot! He learned all about how to apply his theoretical knowledge to a concrete case, how to use numerous new software (AutoCAD, IES VE, Solidworks, Autodesk CFD, matlab), and all about the process of green certification!

While Léo had a great working experience, he also found the working environment at GreenViet to be really great! The company is relatively small with about 35 employees which helps keep everyone close and connected. GreenViet also does a lot of fun activities for their employees. Everyday at lunch, employees like to play table football, and sometimes they even have tournaments! Like many companies in Vietnam, GreenViet also takes a nap of 30 minutes before the work in the afternoon. After working hours, there is also a soccer team where they get together and play soccer every Friday evening after work. Léo found that the mood inside the company was really great and welcoming! They even celebrate every birthday or the end of a project with a little party at the end of the day. They also have company retreats that every employee gets to take part in. In the past they have gone to Singapore and Phan Thiet! For their interns they offer a monthly allowance, free lunch everyday with the members of the company, snacks, and even a bike in order to go to work!

GreenViet offers internships for all types of engineering majors or for anyone interested in the green building sector. Does this sound like a company you’d like to work for?? It certainly does to us!

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