From Singapore to Vietnam: Republic Polytechnic Program 2018

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In September, we welcomed 11 students from Republic Polytechnic in Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City. The students have varying majors and are interning at six different companies around the city. They will be here until the end of February or beginning of March staying in serviced apartments in central areas or areas close to their working place. As with all of our interns, they each have their own local buddy to help show them around the city and a trip to the Mekong Delta!





One of the companies these students will be working with is Kingsmen, a Singaporean-owned company that has an office in Vietnam. This will give students the unique opportunity to see how a company found in their country operates abroad. Kingsmen is a leading communication design and production group with 21 offices globally. The two students working at this company major in event planning, so they are working with the event management department to support the team in organizing events and visiting clients.


Hotel Continental

Another company is the Hotel Continental in Saigon, a renown 5-star hotel located in the heart of the city. The hotel was built in 1880 and is “the first hotel in Vietnam”, and a cultural landmark in the city along the wealthy Dong Khoi street. The three students working at this company are marketing majors, so they are supporting the marketing team at the hotel. They will be assisting the hotel in making a marketing package to promote and boost sales for the company as well as helping them update their image.



Next is VHost, VHost is the leading company in Vietnam providing cloud service founded by Vietnamese people. The two students working at VHost are IT cybersecurity majors, and cybersecurity is of course a huge part of providing cloud service. The students will be working in the data center and supporting the team.




KMS Technology

One of the other companies is KMS Technology. KMS Technology is a leading provider of software development, testing services, and consulting. KMS has the biggest share in the United States market for companies of its kind founded in Vietnam making it a great place to gain experience. The student interning at this company major in IT project support, so they will be providing support for one of KMS’s upcoming projects.


Viet-an Software

Viet-an Software is another IT company that these students are working with. Viet-an is an environmental technology company that develops apps to detect whether the pH level of the water used by companies meets local government or international requirements. The student interning at Viet-an is an IT software development major, so they will be assisting the project management team and working on software development with the company.


Knights Logistics

The final company that is hosting students from this group is Knights Logistics. Knights Logistics provides custom clearance for import and export goods to and from Vietnam. The two students interning at Knights major in operations management, however they are working in two different departments. One student is working with the inbound team which works on dealing with foreign clients. The other student is working with the operation team learning the procedures for importing products to Vietnam and is learning the regulations and laws regarding customs in Vietnam.




All in all, these students are sure to have a successful semester here in Vietnam with valuable working experience and an immersive cultural experience as well. It is only the beginning of their journey, so there are sure to be more stories and interesting anecdotes from these students. Stay tuned to learn more!


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