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During my environmental engineering internship at Vinaxanh JSC, I have learned a great deal of practical knowledge and skills that I hadn’t been taught in schools before, in particular my design skills have been improved a lot. My supervisor and coworkers gave me very helpful support and guidance which is what I expected to have in an internship, although I wish I was more freedom to explore and do independent work. Adding to the experience, I got to go on a field trip to Hai Duong in 2 weeks while I was an intern. It was a valuable experience for me because I was able to travel and see the different practices in a smaller city of Hai Duong compared to Hanoi, I of course made new friends and had a little peak into the local life of people outside the busy capital.

Internship in VietnamGeorge and his coworkers hang out after work

For sure, culture shocks and language barrier are things you cannot avoid for the first time studying or doing an internship abroad. In my experience, it was hard to talk to local people at first, but Vietnamese people were really friendly and I tried my own way to deal with the language barrier and realized that my communication skill was also enhanced. My advice is to take every opportunity that arises – teaching language after work, meals with companies, travel as much as possible…these really made the experience much better.

 Internship in Vietnam

Eating Pho for his welcome meal in Hanoi

I can describe my internship in Vietnam in two words: diverse and interesting. Big thanks to SE Vietnam, both coordinators and local buddies for all their helps and supports, I really appreciated!


internship in vietnam 4

George, his local buddy and SE Vietnam Coordinator hanging out.


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