GESI – A dear partner of ABROADER

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GESI (Global Engagement Studies Institute) – an initiative by Northwestern University, U.S.A, one of the most prestigious universities in the U.S, with the 10th rank  among American national universities. Its alumni include Meghan Markle (Prince Harry’s wife, Duchess of Sussex), Noble-winner George J. Stigler, TV presenter Stephen Colbert, actor David Schwimmer.
Since 2007, more than 520 students from GESI have contributed to about 145 development projects through their partnership with different overseas organization in various fields: gender equality, sustainable development, fund raising, promoting community programs, to name a few.

The institute supplies students with knowledge, tools and experiences to tackle shared global concerns. For the continuous two years, it has been an honor of ABROADER – Student Exchange Vietnam to partner GESI through the medium of mutual learning so that students can join hands with local organizations to conduct community-driven meaningful projects.
This summer, ABROADER based in Hanoi excitedly welcomes 12 Northwestern students and we can not wait to see you engage in your seven-week internship as well as exploring Vietnam!



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