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It is intimidating to think about the fact that your school days will be over soon and you are expected to find a first job after college. But do not freak out just yet!  This is a great time to explore many other options before jumping right into the job market at home and find a job that you will stick to for maybe years in the future. One of the options, and a pretty cool one, is to get an internship in Vietnam! Why is this option great?

It is Hard to Get a Job after College 

Nowadays, almost all organizations require previous experience in their “entry-level” job listings. This is obviously not the qualification everyone who JUST got out of college is supposed to have, but it is sadly, a common requirement. Certainly, you could start your career right away with lower paying jobs or jobs that you don’t like and wait for the dream job to come. However, working abroad will make your life WAY more interesting and meaningful!

internship in Vietnam job after college

Getting a job right after college with little or no working experience is hard. Photo source:

An Internship in Vietnam can Fill your Life with Unforgettable Experiences

internship in vietnam fun 2

Isn’t it crazy you’ll get to see new horizons almost every weekend? Photo source:

Traveling abroad during or after college will fill your life with unforgettable experiences. Just imagine being able to visit a new and exciting place every weekend or plan a grand trip to one of the World’s 7 Natural Wonders during your internship in Vietnam! Wouldn’t that be great? Plus, the skills you learn abroad will be highly valuable to employers that you can’t learn at home, such as learning another language and gaining cross-cultural communication skills. 

internship in vietnam commu

The skills you learn in Vietnam will be valuable to your future job. Photo source:


Interning abroad gives you a chance to do something for your self-growth that is of great values for you future career while satisfying your wanderlust crave for adventures. But what if you can’t really afford it? We thought of this and we can help you find a possible PAID internship in Vietnam.

Some of the best internships for undergraduates or college graduates with little experience are available in Vietnam, such as Healthcare and Medical Internship, Engineering, teaching English, Programming or working in Hospitality. The only things you need to prepare are your resume, your confidence (for online interviews) and your plane ticket to Vietnam.

Top Internships in Vietnam by SE Vietnam

Hospitality Internship in Vietnam


Mizuki Oba from Japan being in a hospitality internship at a 5 star hotel in Hanoi.

Doing a Hospitality internship in Vietnam is probably one of the most ideal ways to combine travelling with gaining working experience. Dreaming about working in beautiful accommodations with great views, enjoy meeting people from around the world and learning a new language? You can probably find all of those things with a Hospitality internship in Vietnam. Here, the tourism industry is blooming and hotel, resorts at famous attractions or major cities like Ho Chi Minh City, Danang and Hanoi are in great need of speakers of different languages: English, Japanese, Chinese, French and so on. Why not set your foot into this wonderful field of internship and work during or even after college? You may never have a single regret about this.

Medical & Healthcare Internship in Vietnam

It might be very difficult for you to find a medical related internship back home that allows you hands-on experience with the medical procedures and facilities. However, with a medical & healthcare internship in Vietnam where there exists a developing public healthcare system, you will be able to challenge yourself and gain different hands-on skills via observing and dealing with various kinds of diseases. As a medical intern, you will gain a lot of deeper insights into how a developing healthcare system operates and will be able to support local communities. Additionally, the experience in Vietnam would also shed light on the underrated positive effects of traditional medical methods such as acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Sandra assisting group of doctors from the US

Sandra Vega – nursing intern, in a real operation for children at a public hospital in Ho Chi Minh City

Business Internship in Vietnam


Ho Chi Minh City – one of the world’s most dynamic cities in 2016, an ideal place for your business internship

Vietnam might not be the obvious destination that pops up in your mind when you think of for an internship in business fields. However, Vietnam is continually proving to be a worthy market to start your first internship abroad with. Here’s why: two of Vietnam’s biggest cities, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, were named the most dynamic cities in the world according to the World Economic Forum (Davos, 2017). Ho Chi Minh City claimed the second spot, whereas Hanoi came eighth in the list and were characterized by WEF as cities best absorb, adapt and leverage technology and innovation. During recent years, Vietnam has attracted been a prospective home to increasing investments and establishments of both local and international firms. Business internships in Vietnam, therefore, are great for gaining exciting experiences and establishing network for your future career in business.



Getting a Head Start for your first job out of college now!

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