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Great news keep coming to Vietnam’s tourism industry in general and the Central’s grace and pride – the town of Hoi An. This charming once ancient trading port is loved by most visiting tourists for its unique ambiance and artchitecture topped with local people’s friendliness. This year, Hoi An is one of the World’s Best 15 cities according to a survey done by New York based magazine Travel + Leirsure.

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Charming Hoi An at night. Photo:

Every year, Travel + Leisure asks their readers to rate the best cities in the world, and the results are always a pleasant surprise. Not only do newcomers sometimes float to the top, but longtime favorites also continue to reappear — a testament to a destination’s enduring popularity. This year’s group of winners span the globe, from market-filled Hoi An in Vietnam to Florence, a European culture capital. What is definitely worth noting, however, is what these contenders have in common: Almost all are pedestrian-friendly, possess abundant green space, and have a rich history that’s being thoughtfully preserved as the city grows.

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Coming to Hoi An, you can also enjoy a tranquil and crystal clear tropical beach. Photo:

This year (2017)’s No. 1 winner — for the first time ever in the World’s Best Awards’ 22-year history — is Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende. Hoi An of Vietnam stands proudly in the 7th  spot, 5 spots higher than the city of Rome, home of classical ruins and early Christian places of worship

This year’s list reveals a real and growing interest of Travel + Leisure readers in Asia, as seven out of the top 15 urban destinations are located in the region. Kyoto, home to some of Japan’s most well-preserved traditional architecture, Chiang Mai, Thailand, best known for its walled Old City, and Siem Reap, Cambodia, the life-support system and gateway to the ancient world of Angkor Wat, all made repeat come-backs.

This new ranking of Hoi An comes after the town claimed the 13th position among the top 25 best destinations in this year’s Travelers’ Choice Awards compiled by Trip Advisor in March. Hoi An receives  praises as a “well-preserved” example of Southeast Asian trading ports from the 15th-19th centuries.

According to TripAdvisor, the biggest highlight of the central coastal town is the lantern festival held on the 14th day of each lunar month, when “the town trades its electric lights for traditional colored lanterns.”

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400 year old bridge in Hoi An. Photo:

The site also recommended a visit to the 400-year-old Japanese Bridge and the three-century-old Fukian Assembly Hall, a trip to nearby local tailors as this is one of the main attraction in the Old town, so don’t hesitate and “let the town’s expert tailors make you some bespoke clothing.”

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Cao lau – a delicacy of Hoi An’s cuisine. Photo:

Hoi An, as some of you world travellers may know, is also a famous food heaven, here you can find some of the most unique Vietnamese foods in an array of cuisine ranging from street style cheap eats to sophisticated restaurant dishes made specifically from local water.



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