How it works


Apply now

The first step for you to get started with us is to fill out the online application form on our website so that we can learn more about you, especially your interests and expectations towards the internship/study experience in Vietnam to provide you with the best personalized program later.

Consulting Interview

Once you apply on our website, a Program Coordinator will contact you via the email address provided in your application form to schedule a Skype appointment for further discussion on program details and your preferences towards the internship/study experience in Vietnam.

Deposit & Enrollment

After the interview with our Program Coordinator, you will receive a Conditional Offer Letter from us in which we agree to fulfill our roles and responsibilities as an exchange programs provider and to ensure you a guaranteed program in Vietnam. Once you accept our offer, a 500-USD program deposit will be required to get your application approved. When it is done, we will send you our payment confirmation and Congratulations! You are now officially enrolled in Student Exchange Vietnam’s Exchange Program, and we will right away start the search for your internship/study placement.

Want to know what services are covered by your program fee? Specific details can be found under our Costs & Fees section.

Placement Confirmation

As we can narrow down our extensive employer/school database to a select few that we believe would match perfectly with your needs and expectations, there will be a Skype interview arranged for you to get to know more about them and vice versa.

If all goes well (both you and the potential host organization are happy with each other), Congratulations! You will know where to intern/study at and what to prepare more before getting on the plane. On our end, we then will be working on an agreement to formally accept you in our program as well as to confirm the official internship/study placement for you in Vietnam.

If for some reason, either you or the potential host organization does not want to continue with the placement, we will arrange another interview with a different host organization for you. This step will be repeated until you can get a placement that you are happy with.


Now that your internship/study placement has been confirmed, we will work alongside you to arrange necessary logistics for you to enter and stay in Vietnam. That usually includes a pre-departure orientation and online meetings in which you will be provided with specific information on visa application, flight booking, insurance, accommodation, local buddies, what to bring & what not to bring to Vietnam, etc. We are expected to work closely with each other during this process to ensure smooth communication and most importantly to support and together find solutions for unexpected problems (if any).
Get yourself acquainted with the cost of living in Vietnam here to avoid any


Once you have landed and gone through the customs, our Program Coordinator will be ready outside to welcome and pick you up to your arranged accommodation. In most cases, the following day will be an on-site orientation also delivered by our Program Coordinator to help you learn more about us, the program country & city as well as the official schedule for your stay with us.

Get yourself clarified about the process? Now it is time to explore what Fields of Internship in Vietnam might be the best fit for you!