How to Apply for an Internship in Vietnam

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An internship abroad in general and an internship in Vietnam in particular is an invaluable experience that not everyone is lucky enough to have. It is an excellent opportunity for young undergraduates who are unsure about their career path to test the waters and see if a particular job or industry is meant for them. For those who are already set on what they want to do as a career, an internship abroad means a great chance to bring your skills to the international level and gain hands-on experience that will look impressive on your resume. Working and living abroad are not just great because you get to experience life in a culture completely different from yours; it might give you leverage in the job market as it demonstrates your ability to adapt, survive and thrive in diverse work environment and cultures.

internship in vietnam

An internship in Vietnam is great for your professional growth. 

With all that being said, finding and applying for an internship in Vietnam poses unavoidable challenges. Everything from finding an internship placement, figuring out where to live, negotiating your contract, settling into your new workplace and team all while dealing with culture shock, trying to learn and communicate in the new language.

To help you navigate your internship in Vietnam, we have broken down the process of finding and applying for an internship in Vietnam:

1. Identify Your Motivations for an Internship in Vietnam:

Outlining the specifics of what you want from an internship in Vietnam makes it easier to search for a placement. So what are these specifics look like:

  • You really want to find an internship in Ho Chi Minh City because your friends just came back from a study program in Vietnam and they said living there is amazing. In this case, you are clear about your location
  • You may have an eye on a specific company and you found out they are looking for an internship position in Vietnam; your intention is to work for them permanently in the future after the internship. Now you got one of the potential internship host company down.
  • Your main interest in an internship abroad might be to experience life as an expat in Vietnam – a dynamic developing country with beautiful landscape and close to many other Asian countries. In that case, you’d be more flexible about the position, field, or firm, as long as you can intern in that specific country or region.
  • Sometimes, people look for an internship abroad to earn an income to travel. In such a case, you need to focus on finding paid internships.
  • You might want to intern abroad in a field that’s different from the one you currently work in, as a means to test the waters while you consider a career switch. In such a case, you’d be more focused on the kind of job responsibilities and challenges you face as an intern so you can get a taste of what a career looks like in that field.

internship in Vietnam

Ask yourself what you want from an internship in Vietnam. Our intern Maile, visiting Sapa during her internship in Vietnam.

2. Where to look for an Internship:

  • Multinationals and International Organizations

Multinational companies ususally have internships available in offices worldwide and more often than not, they aim to have a mix of local and international hires to maintain an international work environment. As there are an increasing amount of foreign investment going into major cities in Vietnam like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, there are more demands for international interns at these two cities. International NGOs and start-ups in Vietnam also have great demands for foreign language speakers. 

internship in Vietnam

Our Master of Science Interns from IVEY Global Laboratory program at their workplace in Hanoi

To get yourself an internship at these places, the simple way is to make a list of the companies, NGOs in Vietnam you know and are interested in working for, visit their website to look for internship opportunities and maybe fill out online application forms they have. Once your information is in their database, when a suitable opportunity arises, recruitment managers first look at the candidates in their system. If they’re interested, they may arrange a phone or Skype interview and offer to fly you to a nearby location for a personal interview. Of course, when researching companies on your own, you need to be more thorough to ensure they’re legitimate and you’re not falling for some kind of a scam. The drawback of this method is you probably cannot control the duration or the start time of your internship, and it is rather decided by the company you are applying for.

Another option is to keep an eye on job boards on sites such as LinkedIn, ensure that your profile is complete, follow companies you’re interested in so you’re the first to know when there are any internship recruitments.

Although this usually cost next to nothing, looking for an internship this way is requires a lot of time and effort and is usually stressful. So here is another alternative.

  • Internship Placement Providers

An Internship Placement Provider like Student Exchange Vietnam an option that saves you time and stress when looking for an internship and taking care of all the logistics involved after you get the internship and start moving to the country to work.

Your field, skills and experience will be matched with an internship opportunity in Vietnam; we will set you up with an in-country coordinator who will find internship opportunities for you depending on your expertise and areas of interest. You can trust us to ensure that the companies in our network are legit and adhere to standards of work ethics. In the next steps, we also assist with negotiating your contract, taking care of your visa application, help you find accommodation, and provide general help like airport pick-up, local buddy, local SIM card, on-site orientation, city tour, excursion…to ease the process of settling into Vietnam and your new workplace.

Using the services of an internship placement provider like SE Vietnam eliminates the stress and much of the ground work involved when you look for an internship on your own. However, if you are more of an independent individual would like to take care of some steps on your own.  Our services are customizable and you can choose to leave off some of the services like accommodation and visa assistance to cut down the price tag.


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