How To Pack For a Study or Internship Abroad Trip

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Packing, oh packing, isn’t it the part you fear the most about before departing on a long trip? Let alone the fact that you are now going on a trip to whole new land, a different climate and culture, for several weeks/months. What if you cannot wear a single item you packed? What if it is not as cold/hot as you expected? So many questions and doubts emerge inside your head. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, with the right state of mind, techniques and tips, you will be having a fun time packing for the exciting adventures ahead.

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Exploring a new country through a study program or an internship is an incredibly beneficial experience.

Here are the essentials that you need to fill your luggage with for an amazing time abroad:

1. Culturally sensitive clothing

As much as the world is now becoming a more and more open space, you will be surprised by how much limitation there is in terms of clothing when you visit certain countries in the world, especially and unfortunately for girls (we know it is not fair in any way but it is sometimes the sad truth).

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Make sure to pack appropriate clothes for visits to temples or churches. Photo:

Are you going to a culture that is vastly different from your own? Are the countries you are visiting more traditional and rural? If the answer is yes, you should probably look into the types of clothing that are restricted in the country. For most cases, revealing clothes are not welcomed, especially at local families, religious places or places of worship, or most public spaces. Try to pack your bags with items that will not offend people. This doesn’t mean you would have to dress completely different and abandon your cute wardrobe; you just need to be modest and culturally sensitive.

2. A sturdy luggage

Bring a relatively sturdy luggage for your trip, better yet, a water-resistant one. You will be surprised by how much travel you will be doing during your trip (that is the whole point) and you better be prepared than not.

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A good luggage is very handy when it comes to long travels. Photo:

As much as we know you would like to more stylish and well-equipped with different weather clothing, it is wise to keep your belonging to the foreign country as minimal as possible, bringing more stuffs allow you to have more variety in clothing but it also means you have a heavier luggage and more things to take care of.

Make sure you include a small backpack that you can use on shorter trips during you big trip abroad, it is helpful to not bring everything with you everywhere if you do have a place to stay within the country.

3. Comfy shoes

We can all agree on a fact that when you travel abroad, the most important things that need to be kept happy are your feet. Proper walking or running shoes are very important as you are going to have to do a lot of sightseeing and wandering around the cities. Also, bring neutral colored shoes so you won’t be having a hard time using them with different clothings.

4. Layers

In case you are travelling to a different climate (you most probably will), packing extra layers is essential, there are many types of light jackets that can easily be pressed down into smaller bags and can save you space. Warm clothing like hats, socks thermal clothes/underwear are also useful to have.

5. Sport clothes

Chances are that you would want to do some exercises to keep you healthy during your long or even short trip; also sport clothes are extremely comfy and suitable for when you go travel around the country. Therefore, having a nice set of sport clothes prepared is a good decision to make when you are packing for your trip.

6. Your Enthusiasm and Learning Spirit

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Our Japanese students learning how to cook Vietnamese food during their study abroad tour in Vietnam.

Wherever you go, there is one thing for sure that a study program or an internship abroad is a tremendous learning experience full of fun (if you know how to take advantage of it) and you will be taking in a great deal of knowledge that can even be useful way later in life. Therefore, bringing to the new country the right attitude and spirit can be very important, you want to be open to trying new things, experience the culture for what it is without minimal amount of judgement and be brave enough to deal with potential bad situations. Remember that you trip abroad will be consist of both good times and bad times, and they are all for the sake of experiential learning and seeing the world. Now go pack your bags and enjoy the journey of a lifetime!



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