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Take an internship in Vietnam today if you want to gain a unique “3 in 1” experience of your lifetime which is combined of professional experience – educational experience & local experience and is appreciated wherever you go thanks to the benefits that it brings below:

Internship in Vietnam Benefits

Please feel free to contact our Program Coordinator whenever you would like to learn more about what an internship in Vietnam can really bring to you.

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My nursing internship at the Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Hospital is a treasure experience that I will never forget. I appreciate SE Vietnam and highly recommend this internship to anyone who is interested since it’s a great way of meeting new friends, experiencing new culture, food and language SARAH HEARD It is a lot more than just an internship. I won’t be writing how beautiful this country is, how friendly people are and how good the food is, you will just have to come here and find out by yourself. GREGOR KRAMBERGER I would definitely recommend this program to my friends/colleagues or anyone that are interest in doing internship abroad in Vietnam. ANDREW NGUYEN Great internship here in Vietnam. I recommend Westerners to go there at least once to see things differently. A bientôt Vietnam! HUGO BOITEL The whole experience of doing internship in Vietnam, living and meeting the people in this beautiful country will be a memory I’ll always remember. Overall, I was extremely satisfied with the Internship Service by SE Vietnam (the accommodation, orientation, city tour, visa support, and so on). MIGUEL FERNANDO DEL MORAL