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The tale of Kanazawa University’s students’ grand adventure in Vietnam through their Vietnam Study Tour continues in this post…

For their academic credits, the students were arranged specialized English lessons from a native English teacher and special lectures from professors of Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology. From the beginning, the students can be seen struggling to communicate in English and present their thoughts; however the most important thing is that they try really hard to talk, whether it is with the teacher, with the local buddies or with their host families. 

internship in vietnam g6

For their academic lectures, the students were given lectures on Bioengineering and Applied Chemistry, Phage Engineering and Composting of Domestic Solid Wastes. The productive sessions went on as the professors with backgrounds in Engineering from famous Japanese University like Osaka University and Tokyo University tried their best to connect with the students which made for very comprehensive and informative lectures for the students even though this is one of the very first time they learn these subjects in English. 

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During their English lessons, the focus were not only on learning vocabulary to improve their speaking skills, the teacher also help them practice their presentation, team-working skills by instructing proper postures, boosting confidence and playing games that enables the students to work in teams. The students were encouraged to be more confident in speaking in English and to become better in presenting using the skills taught. After the lessons full of laughter and activities, all the students were able to witness their considerable transformation and improvement in public speaking. A round of applause for our students!!!

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Aside from learning in the classroom, the students also had the valued opportunities to visit Vietnamese companies in fields related to their major such as Urban Design and Information Technology. Here, the students got to learn many things about the actual work they might be doing in the future, they also got the chance to talk to Japanese engineers working in Vietnam and learnt what it is like to be working in Vietnam as a foreigner, specifically a Japanese. The students really enjoyed this practical approach to learning as they were exposed to the real working world abroad as opposed to only work in the classroom. 

internship in Vietnam lampart

A visit to Lampart Co. Ltd, an IT company in Ho Chi Minh City

Internship in vietnam PMH

The students visited Phu My Hung Development Corporation.


A visit to Vo Trong Nghia Architects, famous for their Green Architecture that focuses on Nature and Meditation

Besides the chance to meet locals living in a fast-developing and exciting metropolitan like Ho Chi Minh City, the Study Tour expands the students’ perspectives with excursions to the outskirts of the city, namely to the infamous Cu Chi Tunnel and to the culture-rich Mekong Delta.

internship in vietnam c

The Cu Chi Tunnel visit was a great chance for the students to learn a bit more about Vietnam’s past, through the remnants of a complex and sophisticated system of underground tunnels built by the Viet Cong (a political organization with its own army – People’s Liberation Armed Forces of South Vietnam (PLAF) that fought the United States and South Vietnamese government) during the historic Vietnam War. During their visit to the Tunnels, the students were amazed at the chance of going underground to different spaces used as meeting rooms, kitchen and so on during the wartime. They also learnt how the Vietnamese used their wits to create hiding spots, traps and ventillation system to survive underground. 

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internship in vietnam c12

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On the other hand, a trip to the Mekong Delta allowed the students observe and experience a lifestyle that is very unique to this land that is life on the water, our students were astonished to find out that the people here live on boats, have families on boats and do business on boats.

internship in vietnam m1

They got to visit the floating market to try out freshly picked fruits and coconut juice, things they rarely have available in Japan. In order to understand more about the local ways of living and the products unique to the Mekong Delta, the students visited a bee farm, an assorted candy, cake, and rice paper factory where they learn how the farmers grow honey bees, make coconut candies, rice popcorn, rice papers and so on. These handicrafts are native and crucial to the livelihood of some of the people living in the Mekong Delta and the students really enjoyed learning about them.

internship in vietnam m3

internship in vietnam m

On the final day of the tour, the students received help reviewing their program from a professional career consultant from Japan before they all performed their final presentation in front of their friends, teacher and representative from SE Vietnam. A Farewell lunch was prepared for them after a quite nerve-wracking final presentation, after enjoying a delicious meal, the students enjoyed great music performances from the local buddies and Japanese students, then each person was asked to share their feelings about the program. It was a special moment shared between everyone in the program. Even though all good times come to an end, we believe that the Vietnam Study Tour would become something that benefit the students way later in their life because of the valuable lessons that it provided.


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