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Our intern Maile Moore, just wrapped up her 10 weeks Public Health Internship in Vietnam. During her time here, she had quite an adventure and lived up to her expectation to travel around both the North and South Vietnam. During her stay in Hanoi, she managed to check off many points on the bucket list of what to try in Vietnam like: staying at a local homestay, moving to an apartment by herself, shopping at the local market, speak Vietnamese while shopping at the local market, ride on the back of the motorbike to commute, visiting Ha Long Bay – one of the World’s 7 Natural Wonders, trekking the mystical and breath-taking mountains of Sapa, travel to Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam’s economic and entertainment hub; and so much more. Now that you wonder how could she possibly fit all of those activities in the span of a 10-week internship, read on because here are 8 tips from Maile on how to make the best out of your internship in Vietnam.

internship in vietnam (2) 

1. Buy a facemask – your nose will thank you.

internship in vietnam khau trang


2. Do try the quail egg embryo, even if it’s scary.

internship in vietnam cut lon

3. Motorbike rides can be a little intense, just make sure to hold on.

internship in vietnam (3)

4. Learning the numbers in Vietnamese will go a long way. It really helps buying food.

internship in vietnam Maile market

Maile goes to the local market every other day for home cooking. And guess what, she is very good at bargaining!

5. Be prepared for lots of cold showers if you come in Spring/Summer!

internship in Vietnam Maile 3

Vietnam’s summer days are hot~ How about a cup of cool milk tea (Maile’s favorite drink) on top of the cold showers? 

6. Vietnamese are extremely friendly – go on and say hi or ask about their favorite bubble tea shop, you might make a new friend.

internship in vietnam Maile

Maile trekking in Sapa and making friends with the ethnic people there

7. Buy a new fruit to try, it will never be cheaper!

internship in vietnam lychee

Hello?  $1.80 for a kilo of fresh lychee is the real bargain

8. Living here is hard, but you will be surprised how hard it is to leave when it comes time to go because you realize how much you have grown to love it here.


Maile’s farewell with SE Vietnam. Her farewell gift was the Certificate of Completion and an embroidered painting of Hanoi.


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