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It’s our pleasure to work with Maile and Student Exchange Vietnam; her internship in Vietnam did actually help us a lot. Being Maile’s internship supervisor while she’s working at VPHA, I was able to observe her proactive spirit in trying to complete her assignments perfectly while going out of her way to suggest improvements in our work.

Internship in Vietnam Maile meeting at office

Maile, her supervisor, co-workers at VPHA in a meeting. Photo courtesy: Maile Moore

During her internship, a large number of comments and feedback was provided from Maile to help us improve our communication work; she also did a training session for VPHA’s staffs on developing communication, which we highly appreciated. Maile’s previous experience in communication and social media, her knowledge in Public Health Field also helped a lot with the work we planned for her: Project “Communication campaign about tobacco control using social network Facebook in Vietnam, 2015”, Vietnam Journal of Public Health Abstract and preparation for campaign for World No Tobacco Day and Vietnam No Tobacco Week in May 2017. The only thing I would suggest she can improve on is to learn to say “No” more often to avoid burden in work. We (the staff at VPHA) can also agree that her open-mindedness, strong enthusiasm in work, great voluntary spirit, willingness to learn and share contributed a lot to our work culture and has made it extremely easy for us to work and connect with her.

internship in Vietnam

Maile’s internship ends at about the same time one of the projects she worked on – the tobacco control project.

Photo courtesy: Maile Moore

We are extremely satisfied in cooperating with Student Exchange Vietnam and hope our collaboration would last and bring mutual benefits for us in future.


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