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If you have read the previous part, you may be ready to nail a classic but tough question “ Tell me about yourself”. Congratulation, you have a great start! What you can expect after that from your interviewer is that they will continue asking a seem-like-innocuous questions “What are your greatest strengths?” 

Again, you may have doubts about how to answer this question “correctly”. How can you sell yourself if blowing your own trumpet is not your thing? How can you prove that you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your unique value as a candidate without arrogance?

Here are some tips to help you prepare to answer this question perfectly.

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Step 1: Brainstorm and make a list of your strengths

Write down everything that comes to your mind, you can delete some of them later. Your strengths could come from your working experience, education background, soft skills or personality… What if you don’t know your strengths? Look back on past when you recceived any praise or feedback. Try asking someone who knows you well. Getting an external perspective could be a good idea to bring out an accurate reflection.

Step 2: Choose your strengths wisely

A sad news is that you can not make a full presentation about your positive attributes. We just think quantity in step 1, it’s time to think quality!
Reread the job description and requirements carefully to identify the most important skills that the employer is looking for, then narrow your list down by choosing three strengths related to the job. In this step, you need to think strategically about what strengths will position you as qualified for the job, make you sound professional and be a best fit for the organization.
Besides that, figure out what sets you apart from the competition. You might be hard-worker, determine, punctual… but your employers have probably heard that from lots of other candidates already. Be creative!

Step 3: Delivery your answer

The delivery of your response can make or break your chance. Responding humbly with “I guess…” or have a long pause could lead the interviews to doubt your preparation and self-awareness.
You need to back up your claims by adding a good example for each strength you mention. Tell a story as an evidence to prove it, make it clear and be filled with self-belief: when your strength was applied, describe the impacts or achievements.

“What are your greatest strengths” is a commonly-asked question in internship interview. Even when this question is not asked directly, employers may find alternative ways to gain their purpose of the interview which is the reasons that they should hire you. You need to prepare to talk about your strengths and take any opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Adding a summary of your strengths at the end of the interview can be a good idea.

Is that useful? Wait for our next article on how to answer the other key internship interview questions. 


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