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Overview: With Vietnam’s history of colonization and influences from other cultures, Vietnamese architecture is a beautiful mix of French, Chinese, and American architecture. Throughout the cities you will see a lot of buildings and streets influenced by these different cultures. Nowadays as people become more environmentally aware, many companies in Vietnam follow the LEED and LOTUS environmental standards. Utilizing the materials found around the country, bamboo is a common building material used as a “natural steel”. Outside of architecture, Vietnam has a growing art scene influenced by Asian cultures, Japanese and Korean styles in particular. As the world advances, so does Vietnam. Staying up to date with design technology, many entertainment companies are beginning to find their way to Vietnam. These fields are quickly growing in Vietnam, and now is the perfect time to explore them!

Work Benefits:
International students will usually get some or all of the following benefits provided by their host organizations while doing an internship in Vietnam: 
  • Professional on-the-job training
  • Build business network
  • Develop project management skills
  • Reference letter for good performance
  • Certificate of completion
  • Get monthly allowance and/or other types of financial support 
It should be noted that the benefits a student can be provided with often vary by placement and depend mostly on their host organization. 
Internship Titles: Graphic Design Internship, Green Building Architect Internship, Fashion Design Internship, Animation Internship, Artist Internship, Interior Design Internship etc.
Intern Requirements:
  • Be enrolled in university, graduated or have relevant work experience in the field of interest
  • Languages: English (required by most host organizations) 
  • Proficient computer skills: MS Office, Email, Internet Usage, etc
  • Soft skills & interpersonal skills (communication, teamwork, presentation, decision-making, time management, etc)
  • Passion for work & ability to work under pressure 
  • Other specialized knowledge, professional skills & qualities to perform the job (vary by placement and depend on the specific host organization) 
  • Main tasks:

    1. Create unique and original templates for various teams, themes, and topics
    2. Create design assets like illustrations and colour palettes to help users make their designs attractive and engaging
    3. Set influential and inspirational design trends, to keep our users happy and satisfied
    4. Ensure the templates that we create are of the highest quality in terms of aesthetics and usability
    5. Support the team’s scalability through documentation and process improvement


    Host Organization


    In 2016, the Vietnamese technology community was stirred up by the ‘DesignBold phenomenon’, an online design tool which received first prize at Creative Business Cup Vietnam 2016 and the year’s startup prize at Startup Festival 2016. Realizing the increasingly high requirements on images, Hung decided to develop DesignBold with the wish to ‘change experience in traditional graphic design’. DesignBold is also the National Winner of Creative Business Cup Vietnam 2016, becoming the representative of Vietnam to participate in the Creative Business Cup 2016 in Denmark.

  • Main tasks:

    1. Calculate and review design application for construction
    2. Prepare documents and spreadsheets for the application of achieving green building certification
    3. Analyze and evaluate architectural design options
    4. Edit drawings, produce reports based on design drawings
    5. Knowledgeable of physical construction simulation
    6. Know how to use Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3DsMax, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Lumion, ProShow (or Adobe Premiere)


    Host Organization


    GREENVIET is one of the first consultants in Vietnam to focus on Sustainable Construction and Green Building. Ever since our foundation, GREENVIET has been driven by a clear vision of contributing to a greener Vietnam. Before setting up GREENVIET, our founders accumulated their experience through working on many green building projects since 2008 when Vietnam had its first projects designed and built to LEED standards. Now at GREENVIET, with the slogan of “Building Sustainable Practices,” we continue our professional work with LEED, LOTUS and Green Mark projects, and so far we have completed over 100 projects in Vietnam and across Southeast Asia. We take over more than 50% of Vietnam’s green building market, which has fortified our leading position in the country. With a headquarter office in Ho Chi Minh city and a branch office in Hanoi, our company currently has over 30 employees coming from diverse backgrounds from Construction, Environmental, M&E, Energy to Architecture. Our in-house simulations and commissioning expertise gives us a deep analysis on Green Building. This diversified knowledge enables GREENVIET to cover all aspects of the integrated design in a project as required in Green Building rating tools (LEED, LOTUS, Green Mark). Other than Green Building Certificate Consultancy, GREENVIET also provides these following services: Green Building Benchmarking; Fundamental and Enhanced Commissionings; Energy and Water Audits; Green Building Training. In everything we do, we strive to help our clients achieve a comprehensive and effective sustainability program in design, construction, operation and maintenance of the building’s entire life-cycle!

  • Main tasks:

    1. *


    Host Organization




*Note: Internship placements and job descriptions can always be CUSTOMIZED to best meet students’ personal and professional goals


Featured Host Organizations: DesignBold, GreenViet, Vo Trong Nghia Architects, DigiPencil, Vilandco, Kingsmen, Studio8, FabLab Saigon, TOHE, Cuc Gallery, etc.


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Student Exchange Vietnam  is always so supportive and has made me feel at home during my Social Work Internship. Thank you so much and I encourage you all to keep changing lives and doing what you do.


I saw the professional and dynamic style after working through a long project with SE Vietnam


Being in Vietnam has taught me so much about different people and cultures, and my internship with SE Vietnam was a real life changing experience. 


It is a lot more than just an internship. I won’t be writing how beautiful this country is, how friendly people are and how good the food is, you will just have to come here and find out by yourself.


I was very nervous because it was my first time in Vietnam, but Student Exchange Vietnam (SEV) made me feel that I made a right decision to come for an internship here. They will not let you feel away from your home as they will treat you not just like a student intern but as a part of the SEV family.