Business Development Internship
Overview: With a “Pivot Position” due to its geo-strategic significance in South East Asia and existing as the transport junction from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, Vietnam has attracted increasing investments and establishments of both local and international firms. Business internships in Vietnam are great springboards for the student’s further career opportunities.
Work Benefits:
International students will usually get some or all of the following benefits provided by their host organizations while doing an internship in Vietnam: 
  • Professional on-the-job training
  • Build business network
  • Develop project management skills
  • Reference letter for good performance
  • Certificate of completion
  • Get monthly allowance and/or other types of financial support 
It should be noted that the benefits a student can be provided with often vary by placement and depend mostly on their host organization. 
Internship Titles: Marketing Internship, Sales Internship,  Marketing & Sales Internship, Business & Brand Development Internship, Assistant to Strategic Business Unit, Market Research Internship, Business Process Outsourcing Internship, Commercial Development Internship, Business Planning Internship, Marketing Planning & Operations Internship, etc. 
Intern Requirements
  • Be enrolled in university, graduated or have relevant work experience in the field of interest
  • Languages: English (required by most host organizations) 
  • Proficient computer skills: MS Office, Email, Internet Usage, etc
  • Soft skills & interpersonal skills (communication, teamwork, presentation, decision-making, time management, etc)
  • Passion for work & ability to work under pressure 
  • Other specialized knowledge, professional skills & qualities to perform the job (vary by placement and depend on the specific host organization) 
  • Main tasks:

    1. Conduct research on different Vietnamese sectors, including: Financial Services, Construction & Materials, Healthcare, Banking, etc.
    2. Data sourcing, mining and crunching
    3. Assist with financial data collection and financial analysis
    4. Other duties as requested by Research Associate and Management Team


    Host Organization


    StoxPlus is very proud to be a leading business information corporation in Vietnam, providing comprehensive information, analytic solutions, and industry research for both domestic and foreign clients. StoxPlus has provided intelligent information to help clients to analyze and make strategic decisions and bring success to investors, banks, financial institutions, corporate owners and management.

    StoxResearch is a brand and a division of StoxPlus Corporation. We provide comprehensive analysis and local insights to our clients at quality standards of the world’s prestige advisory firms. We work with institutional investors and industry players to help them understand the market and specific segments of interests, in order to define market entry strategies into the sector. We leverage on our sector database and our expert network with local experience and insights.

  • Main tasks:

    1. Coordinate with relating department (R&D, production, Management accounting, Sales team) to develop new chocolate products and follow up launching campaign for them
    2. Make a detailed report on Chocolate market and trends in tropical countries


    Host Organization


    Kinh Do Corporation is Vietnam’s largest confectionary company by both sales and production value.  The company was founded in 1993 by a small group of entrepreneurs in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; beginning as a snack company.  Over the last two decades, the company has developed and commercialized numerous snack products, resulting in market leading positions in categories, including biscuits, buns, cakes, moon cakes, ice cream, snacks and chocolates.   Its core brand, Kinh Do is one of the most known brands in Vietnam with many featured sub-brands including AFC, Cosy, Moon Cake, Solite, Scotti, Merino, Celano, etc

  • Main tasks:

    1. Responsible for planning and implementing marketing activities and organizing events for the company
    2. English copywriting/proofreading/editing for the company’s content on websites and other sources
    3. English writing for blog posts on different products of the company
    4. Video-making, photo-shooting for different products of the company


    Host Organization


    Established in 1997, HG Holdings has grown from a single service travel provider to become a leading investment group in the hospitality and tourism industry. The company is operating in diversified areas including inbound tours, luxury cruises, hotels, online travel agents, airlines services, team building and events…

    Its 12 offices in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Europe are staffed by nearly 1000 local and international professionals.

    HG’s vision is to become one of the largest and fastest growing investment groups in Indochina through their constant effort to provide comprehensive solutions for all travel needs with creative, passion, in-depth local knowledge and expertise.

  • Main tasks:

    1. Assist in delivering data entry and other BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services provided to the company’s customers in Japan including listed big companies at Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    2. Have work sessions on project management through controlling quality, lead-time, productivity and so on.


    Host Organization


    As a pioneer in the field of BPO services in Vietnam, VBPO works in different areas and sectors related to IT application, from data entry, document digitization to accounting, financial services, customer care, graphics handling, etc. With a professional team consisting of many young talents and led by highly-experienced business leaders, VBPO aims to take BPO, the inevitable trend for future business, to new
    heights in both Vietnam and internationally.


*Note: Internship placements and job descriptions can always be CUSTOMIZED to best meet students’ personal and professional goals

Featured Host Organizations: Stoxplus, HG Holdings, Kinh Do Corporation, VBPO Vietnam, etc. 

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It was best decision to take the internship in Vietnam. Thanks to the challenge of internship in Vietnam, I became to love challenges much more than I ever did before.


I saw the professional and dynamic style after working through a long project with SE Vietnam


In general, I am satisfied with the internship in Vietnam provided by SE Vietnam before I came to Vietnam. My host family placement exceeded my expectations.



Great internship here in Vietnam. I recommend Westerners to go there at least once to see things differently. A bientôt Vietnam!


My nursing internship at the Orthopedic & Rehabilitation Hospital is a treasure experience that I will never forget. I appreciate SE Vietnam and highly recommend this internship to anyone who is interested since it’s a great way of meeting new friends, experiencing new culture, food and language