Ivey Global Laboratory Program 2018

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Last week we welcomed 11 students from Ivey Business School at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada! They arrived in Hanoi for an 8-week group internship exchange program. The 11 students were divided into 4 groups, and each group is working for a different company. Each company gave the students a specific project to work on during their time here. Upon arrival, many of the students found Vietnam to be overwhelming and exciting. The extreme heat of Hanoi in the summer was probably the first thing they noticed after getting off the plane from Canada! Hopefully they will be able to adjust during their 8 weeks here, with some staying for additional time to have the chance to travel.

Ivey Global Lab Program
Exclusively offered to MSc in International Business & CEMS-MIM students, the Ivey Global Lab (IGL) is a 10-week (8-weeks in country) summer international practicum that provides students with the opportunity to experience the business and cultural environment of a developing economy while working and interacting with local firms. Upon completion of a one-week introductory seminar, students engage in consulting style in-country, in-company experiences with partner organizations. Students work on a number of projects for clients in Vietnam, India and Nicaragua. These projects range across several functional areas, including technology, marketing, microfinance and development, manufacturing, and consulting.

On their first official day, we started by introducing them to their local buddies and playing some icebreaker games! After that, there was a presentation to learn more about the country, go over the rules and regulations, and learn a little bit of survival Vietnamese. After lunch, we began to introduce the teams to their new workplaces for their time here.

MCG Consulting
The first place we visited was MCG Consulting. This is the smallest company of the four, but they are still doing very big things. The students were able to meet the entire office and try some Vietnamese treats as a welcome! MCG were very warm hosts, and we’re sure the students will enjoy their time with them. At MCG the students will be helping the company come up with a strategy to release their new classes for the public. MCG is launching classes on basic business topics to help Vietnamese people better their businesses such as HR management training and Microsoft Excel.


Topica Education
The second place we visited was Topica Education, which is in the business of online English teaching. Here the students were introduced to their project, which will mainly be focused on marketing for the company. After taking a tour of the office and getting a better feel for what working for this company would be like, the students were excited about their project and how they could use their skills at Topica. With the marketing team, they will be working on helping Topica reach their goal of tripling their revenues this year! That’s a lofty goal, but we’re hoping these students can help out as much as possible.


FPT – FSoft
The third place we visited was FPT, where the students will specifically be working in the FSoft division. FPT is the largest information technology service company in Vietnam, with a very nice campus that the students will be working from. The company works in 20 countries and has around 20,000 employees. Last year the students from the Ivey program also worked with FPT and in their project they suggested opening an office in Toronto, Canada, which the company ended up following through on. So even though it is a very big company, we can be confident that the students really have an opportunity to make a difference! At FPT, the students will be working on a new HR strategy for FPT’s talent pool.


VNP Group
The fourth place we visited was VNP Group. VNP Group is the leading company in e-commerce and internet communications in Vietnam. It was the first e-commercial company in Vietnam, aiming to be similar to Alibaba. The office had a very young feel, and we were impressed by all the amenities and décor! It seemed like it will be a very fun company to work for, and we are excited for the students to get started here! The students will be working on a new project and providing market research to help launch this new product.


Welcome Dinner
At the end of the first day, SE Vietnam hosted a welcome dinner for the students, local buddies, and some representatives from each company. We had a delicious meal, and it gave everyone a chance to get to know each other better and feel more comfortable for the adventure that lies ahead! These students seem like a really good group, and we are excited they are here. We can’t wait to see what they accomplish in their time here and how they grow from this experience! SE Vietnam wishes them the best for these next 8 weeks, and we will be sure to catch up with these students again soon!


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