Maarten van Balen

Posted by SE Vietnam - Student Exchange Vietnam

It was an overall enjoyable experience having my internship done through SE Vietnam. The host company that they connected me with has been welcoming, friendly, I have been able to experience a lot of different elements of the company’s culture, helping different people and learning new things about not only the company but also working in general.


Maarten and his supervisor at host company.


Maarten and Jake, another an engineering intern with SE Vietnam had an on-site orientation with local buddies and program coordinator at SE Vietnam Office.

I felt that I contributed to the host company and my particular help with the MWRP (checking English) was of great importance to them as the deadline approached. They have given me feedback and said that some of my research into potential donors and other youth initiatives in climate change adaptation has been of use to them too. Regarding SE Vietnam intern service was my placement and the amazing support from local staff and volunteer in Hanoi. Would I recommend the internship to anyone interested, definitely!


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