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Curious about what’s happening at SE Vietnam since Lunar New Year? Check out our exciting events below…

2017/01/27 Welcome and Farewell to Mizuki Oba (Nagoya, Japan) for her 3 month Hospitality Internship in Ha Noi, Vietnam.

November 1st, 2016, SE Vietnam welcomed Mizuki Oba from Japan for a Hospitality internship in Vietnam. Mizuki was positioned at a 5-star hotel in the heart of Hanoi – the second largest city of Vietnam where she received professional on-the-job training and guidance from experienced supervisor and co-workers. After spending three months learning and experiencing, it was an emotional goodbye for Mizuki.  Everyone she met here from her host family, her supportive supervisor and co-workers, to SE Vietnam coordinator, all made her feel very welcomed and safe during the internship in Vietnam.  Although Mizuki found it hard to leave back to Japan, like most other interns through SE Vietnam, she felt that she is empowered,  fully equipped and ready for her real work in the future within the hospitality industry in Japan. Wish you all the best with your future endeavors Mizuki!


Mizuki in ao dai – Vietnamese traditional dress and her work uniform :) pictured with her lovely co-workers at the host organization


Mizuki kayaking on an excursion to Ha Long Bay with SE Vietnam coordinator


Mizuki loves her Vietnamese food experience, fresh, aromatic and delicious!! :)

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2017/01/30 Welcome and Farewell to Kaoru Mori for her 1 month Hospitality Internship in Ha Noi, Vietnam.

Right when one Japanese intern leaves, the other one comes. Kaoru Mori is SE Vietnam’s 9th intern from Japan and one of the first interns to come to Vietnam in 2017. Similar to Mizuki, Kaoru hadn’t had a lot of previous experience of working abroad professionally, therefore she was pleasantly surprised that she could found, through SE Vietnam, a rare opportunity to work at a luxury 5-star hotel for such a short period of time. Throughout her internship in Vietnam, Kaoru expressed her gratitude for the amount of care and guidance she received from her colleagues and supervisors and for the chance to work at a famed international hotel where she could interact with people from all over the world. This adventure-loving girl also had a lot to share about her experience living in Vietnam from encountering culture shock and language barrier to accepting and understanding the new culture and way of life for what they are. Upon returning to Japan, Kaoru sent thanks to SE Vietnam and revealed that she felt very positive with the experience she had doing the internship in Vietnam, it was certainly not an easy time living and working abroad but it is no doubt greatly valuable for her future career.

Kaoru Mori

Kaoru looking professional with ao dai uniform at her workplace


Kaoru (second from left) explores street food around ancient hidden alleys of Ha Noi with the local buddies! :)

Kaoru Mori (2)

On her last day of internship, the Certificate of completion and a beautifully embroidered painting of Ha Long Bay was SE Vietnam’s farewell gift to Kaoru. You’re going to be missed, Kaoru!

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2017/02/17 Student Exchange Vietnam welcomes 9 students from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), Japan to Vietnam on Student Exchange Nippon Discovery (SEND) – an education internship program!


The students arriving at the airport, looking fresh and ready for their internship in Vietnam


An interactive orientation from our coordinator about life in Vietnam is always necessary to help students better adapt to living and working or studying in Vietnam.


The students will work closely with their supervisor to arrange and create the most beneficial internship experience 


The group will stay with host families for the one-month internship in Vietnam


Click here to learn more about this wonderful program or contact us to customize a group study tour to Vietnam next summer!


2017/02/22 SE Vietnam welcomes representatives from Oita Prefecture (Japan) for a business visit to SE Vietnam Office in Ha Noi: Mr. Masahiro Kawazu – Director of Overseas Division from Oita Prefecture Tourism Association and Ms. Masae Tasaki – Section Manager of Tourism Promotion Division from Oita Prefectural Government.


The representatives from Oita Prefecture and SE Vietnam director (middle)

The meeting started with enthusiasm to cooperate from both sides and set clear goals for the future of student exchange between Oita Prefecture (Japan) and Vietnam. Representatives from Oita prefecture hope to begin to work with SE Vietnam to facilitate student exchange programs between Oita Prefecture and different cities across Vietnam aiming especially towards short-term programs bringing Japanese students to Vietnam as well as Vietnamese students to Japan. The ultimate goal is to boost the educational and cultural cooperation between Vietnam and Oita Prefecture.


It should not be an overstatement to say that February is actually SE Vietnam’s Japanese Month because we have been thrilled with the flow of incoming students/interns as well as cooperative opportunities from Japan –the land of the rising sun.

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