Monthly Review| March 2016

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Goodbye March, and thank you for being so awesome to us. We truly couldn’t ask for more 😉


2016/03/18: Student Exchange Nippon Discovery Program 2016 successfully came to an end.


Putting on a Vietnam-flag T-shirt, Shota Toyoda from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU – Japan) was excited to be in the final seminar, presenting his key learning points after one month going exchange in Vietnam.


Everyone seems to be very happy listening to the students’ presentations.

Left to right: Mr. Toshiki Ando (Director of Japan Foundation in Vietnam)Ms. Mo Nguyen (Director of SE Vietnam) & Ms. Kumiko Tsutsui (APU Program Coordinator)    


Those smiles can definitely tell how much Shota and his other APU friends appreciate the opportunity to be part of this wonderful program in Vietnam.

And this is what they want to pass on to prospective exchange students of SE Vietnam:

GO to explore yourself – GO to love your country more


2016/03/22: Welcome Tenzing Jackson Sherpa (University of Oregon – USA) to Vietnam for a 5-star internship program in cruise ship management



Jack (rightmost) is so excited and just can’t wait to start his internship asap :)


Finally being at his host company – Paradise Cruises (Tuan Chau Island – Ha Long Bay – Vietnam)

 Center: Ms. Ngoc (Paradise Cruises HR Executive)


Wow, just feel like I am back to the US ” – said Jack. But so sorry, this is Paradise Town (Tuan Chau Island, Ha Long Bay, Vietnam), and everything here is of your host company 😮


2016/03/30: Welcome Maiko Otsubo (Osaka, Japan) for a 6-month early childhood education internship in Vietnam


Your smile is so stunning; the kids will surely love you, Maiko-san :)


Stay tuned and wait for more photos of Jack and Maiko’s elite internships in Vietnam with us!


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