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After attending several conferences this past month in the United States, we have seen a big increase in interest towards Vietnam. We saw many big universities and international providers begin to have programs in Vietnam, but Student Exchange Vietnam remains the only company based in Vietnam offering specialized programs. Our most popular programs are our individual internships and faculty-led programs. But what does Vietnam have to offer to students from other countries? Well, a lot! As a rapidly developing country, Vietnam offers unique opportunities for people of all different types of backgrounds and studies. You are sure to find a program that is perfect for you, but if you can’t, we can always personalize the experience for you!


Business Development/Law/Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

In these fields, Vietnam offers an exciting opportunity of working in a country that is an emerging market for FDI. Because of this relatively new interest in Vietnam, both local companies and foreign companies need help, and you could be the one to do so! Many local companies need assistance with market research to learn how to expand into new countries, while foreign companies need to learn the local country’s laws and culture to properly adapt to this new business environment. Does this sound like something you would be interested in? International business is on the rise all over the world and having this kind of experience is sure to be very valuable for your future! Learn all about how culture affects business and how a one political party government can influence how things are run. If you are looking to get your law degree, there are opportunities to learn about local investment laws and assist companies in ensuring they abide by these laws. Business is growing rapidly at the moment, and now is a great time to take an internship in Vietnam if business or law is your focus!

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With 16 million people in Ho Chi Minh City and only around 80 hospitals and 10 million people in Hanoi and only around 30 hospitals there is a lot of work that can be done in these sectors. That’s about 200,000 people to every hospital in Ho Chi Minh City and about 350,000 to every hospital in Hanoi, and that’s not even taking into consideration the thousands of tourists and expats that come through these cities that may need medical services! In fact, that’s not even taking into consideration that people from the countryside and smaller provinces must come into the cities for major surgeries due to a lack of proper medical care and technology outside of the two main cities. It’s easy to see that the hospitals here are overloaded and need assistance! Doing a medical-related internship in Vietnam can give you experience with tropical diseases and using traditional Asian medications, both of which are probably uncommon in your home country giving you a unique experience and new skill set! The limited technology and resources require you to think out of the box, and you can bring an expertise they may lack. At Student Exchange Vietnam, we work with a wide range of hospitals, and we can definitely find one to fit your needs as required. We can offer anything from physical therapy, emergency medicine, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, pediatric surgery, radiology, and more! We mostly provide shadowing opportunities, which can include doing basic procedures under supervision, and research opportunities. Just let us know what you need, and we will do our best to meet your needs!

Sandra was helping the doctors in a child's operation.

Engineering/Entrepreneurship for Engineering

Engineering is an emerging field in Vietnam, in fact Vietnam is the second biggest IT outsourcing company following India. Within the engineering field, there are many subfields. A big one that is currently needed in Vietnam is environmental engineering. As Vietnam is a rapidly developing country, this means that many factories and firms are popping up creating environmental issues pertaining to wastewater treatment, pollution, and many others. While environmental awareness is on the rise in Vietnam, there is still a long way to go. This could be your chance to make a real difference in a country that needs it. Another popular subfield is agriculture technology. Vietnam has a very strong agricultural culture but the process could use some improvements to become more efficient. Another way you could assist in agriculture is by teaching the locals about business in agriculture which can help improve their businesses while providing you with a unique experience.


Social Enterprise/NGO

As Vietnam moves towards becoming a middle income country, many international NGOs are pulling out of the country to move to countries who need their help more. While this is great, that leaves behind a big gap. This gives local NGOs great opportunities to fill these gaps, but becoming as successful as the international NGOs can be difficult without international experience. Your insight and knowledge can help grow these NGOs in many ways. One popular way is through a communication internship in which you can help these NGOs improve their communication to increase their success with international partners and donors. Are you not so good at communication but a wonderful artist and creator? There is also great opportunity for you in this sector! Vietnam has a wide array of handicraft villages all over the country. You could help improve their products to make them more durable and the process of creating more efficient, which could really help maintain the rich traditions of making these items and provide an increase in income for these villages.


As you can see, the opportunities in Vietnam are plentiful, and there’s definitely something out here for everyone! Student Exchange Vietnam can customize all of our programs to fit your needs to the best of our ability and provide support for you during your time here. Now is an amazing time to take up an internship in Vietnam, as you get to experience a country grow and develop in real time. So what are you waiting for? Send us and email and learn more about what we can offer!


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