Ms. Natasha Mohney

Posted by SE Vietnam - Student Exchange Vietnam

“After taking a marketing internship with SE Vietnam in the summer of 2015, I fell in love with my mother’s home country of Vietnam and decided to move back after I graduated from university. Interning abroad really changed my perspective and brought me closer to my culture. Now I want to share the magic of Vietnam with future interns, so I have returned to the company that helped me start it all!”


Natasha is from Bloomington, Indiana, USA, but her mom is originally from Vietnam. She graduated from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University with a degree in marketing and international business and moved to Vietnam in August 2016. As a SE Vietnam alumnus, Natasha understands the perspective of the interns who come here and is able to share her experiences with them. She loves Vietnam and being able to live here has been nothing short of a dream for her. She actively wants to ensure other interns feel the same way about this country she now considers home.

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