Oita Prefecture Representatives Visit SE Vietnam

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2017/02/22 SE Vietnam proudly welcomes representatives from Oita Prefecture (Japan): Mr. Masahiro Kawazu – Director of Overseas Division from Oita Prefecture Tourism Association and Ms. Masae Tasaki – Section Manager of Tourism Promotion Division from Oita Prefectural Government to SE Vietnam Office in Ha Noi to dicuss the future of cultural and student exchange between Vietnam and Japan.


The representatives from Oita Prefecture (left and right side) receive hand-made bamboo chopsticks, a special gift from SE Vietnam director

Oita Prefecture, located on the eastern coast of Kyushu, is blessed with a warm climate and an abundance of fresh produce from both land and sea. The central area is a leader in art, food, and culture. Oita boasts the most onsens in Japan (over 4,500), including Beppu and Yufuin, the country’s two largest hot springs areas. If you leave the city itself, you will find places where you can have more contact with nature such as Mt. Takasaki, where Japanese monkeys make their habitat, an aquarium, and lot’s more.”



The meeting started with enthusiasm to cooperate from both sides and set clear goals for the future of student exchange between Oita Prefecture (Japan) and Vietnam. Representatives from Oita prefecture hope to begin to work with SE Vietnam to facilitate student exchange programs between Oita Prefecture and different cities across Vietnam aiming especially towards short-term programs bringing Japanese students to Vietnam as well as Vietnamese students to Japan. The ultimate goal is to boost the educational and cultural cooperation between Vietnam and Oita Prefecture.


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