IT Internship In Vietnam, the New Southeast Asia’s Sillicon Valley

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The booming start-up culture, international investments, and a young, educated workforce are driving a growing economy, grand IT innovation and abundant opportunities for job / internship in Vietnam.

More than four decades after theVietnam War, Vietnam’s Da Nang Hi-Tech Park roars with activities. The park, one of several established as part of Vietnam’s 2020 IT Master Plan, houses offices and factories for a growing number of international IT and software companies, hardware manufacturers, and infrastructure plants powering the central Vietnamese city at the heart of a tech boom.

Today’s Vietnam—with a population of over 93.5 million and a median age of 30.3 years old—is defined by a growing population of young coders, engineers, entrepreneurs, and students driving economic growth and technological innovation. For them, the country’s war-torn past is a history lesson, not a memory.

Vietnam barely had any IT companies 15 years ago, but now there are close to 14,000 IT businesses spanning hardware, software, and digital content. The Vietnamese government sees the tech sector as the backbone of the country’s economic growth, according to Mr. Long Lam, CEO of QuangTrung Software City (QTSC), and Vietnam’s largest software park. It has heavily invested in infrastructure and recently passed economic policies which encourages both domestic and international entrepreneurs to start businesses.


It looks like at the moment, with the ongoing robust growth of the tech industry and demand for high-skilled computer engineers, Vietnam is an ideal location to look for an IT Internship. In fact, in recent years, SE Vietnam has welcomed  more and more student coming to find an IT internship in Vietnam. Let’s take a look at the students stories about their multi aspects experience of doing IT internship in Vietnam.

1. Sohei Chikama (Chuo University, Japan)

Sohei is a proactive computer science student from Japan, with the desire to explore outside his comfort zone and challenge himself with a new culture. Sohei came to Vietnam to work as a Bridge Software Engineer intern at an IT development company in Ho Chi Minh City. Sohei admitted that he has learned much and grown from this unique experience of doing an internship in Vietnam. Sohei has these insights he’d like to share:

Internship in Vietnam Sohei

Sohei and his colleagues at host organization

  • Potential for development

The main reason why Sohei decided to find an internship in Vietnam was because, for his future career, he would like to do business with people in South East-Asian countries, especially in Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. This career orientation motivated him to learn about business settings and system development environments in these countries. And from the perspective of a computer engineer, Vietnam has a blooming start-up culture and increasing international investments has a lot of potential of becoming the next Southeast Asia tech hub in the future.

Vietnam is still developing but has more potential to get recognized in much higher position in the global economy, especially compared with Japan

  • Industry insights

As a Bridge Software Engineer intern at an IT development company in Ho Chi Minh City, Sohei was able to gain professional experience and explore different sides of business in Asia in general and in Vietnam in particular. His main tasks involved computer programming, and translating and negotiating which gave him access to hands-on working experience and mind-opening realizations:

I’ve got to know that Japanese clients are still not capable of making most of offshoring yet and I’ve learned how to do business with people here. I’m sure I will be able to make the most of Japanese businesses’ potential after this internship.”

The Vietnamese company provided training for him in the first month to make sure he had necessary skills and understood the work system. “After one month of training, now Sohei can work well as a Bridge engineering intern at the company. He is very well-equipped for the position“, said the supervisor at Sohei’s company.

  • Social life

Sohei made the most out of his social life in Vietnam. When he’s not working, Sohei spent time networking both with local people and expats living in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam is ranked as the third favorite place to live in Asia) and he loves doing that through drinking. “Nhu – drinking beer with buddies, Sohei’s favorite social activity – is a cultural activity in Vietnam, especially for men. Sohei also enjoys having a good cup of Vietnamese iced coffee (cà phê đá) in the morning. Vietnamese coffee has a distinctive and lingering taste that can make anyone charmed after the first try.

Vietnamese food experience for Sohei can be summed up by one word, “amazing”. “Food is deliciously hot and spicy. Everything is cheap.”

  Internship in Vietnam Sohei 1

Sohei out with his friends for a beer after work

Internship in Vietnam Sohei 2

Sohei and his dad enjoying the popular Vietnamese iced milk coffee, Sohei’s all time favorite

2. Zareen Fazleabas (Pennsylvania State University, U.S.A)

Zareen Fazleabas is from Colombo, Sri Lanka. She is a student of Pennsylvania State University in the U.S. Zareen’s internship in Vietnam was as a business analyst intern at a young yet reputable software development corporation in Hanoi.

Internship in Vietnam Zareen

Zareen enjoying “bun bo” (beef soup noodles), a popular Vietnamese dish with her local buddy and SE Vietnam Program Coordinator.

Why did Zareen choose Vietnam for her IT internship? Zareen shared that her major in Management Information System (MIS) is very unique. It is a combination of the information technology and business fields.  This prompted her to pursue an internship overseas, at a unique destination, particularly in Vietnam, to work in the position of a Business Analyst in an IT company. “The reason I chose Vietnam is because I want to have an exclusive internship and experience with a whole different culture and people.”

Zareen’s journey in Vietnam has allowed her to explore the best of what this country has to offer in the most unconventional way.

  • Professional experience:

At Siten – a high quality software development company – I worked on a project for learning English where I was in the team developing the website and prototyping games. As a part of my job, I was also taught about related knowledge to accomplish my work such as HyperText Markup Language (HTML) which I found really helpful and enjoyable learning. The people at my workplace were amazing; they were totally helpful and understanding of the language barrier that led to our difficulties in communication. They are like another family that cared about me on a personal level, when I was sick and asked for a morning off, they told me to stay at home for the afternoon so that I can truly feel better. The supervisor did his best to instruct me in every project plus he actually encouraged me to go explore Vietnam – so different from other leaders I know. :)

Internship in Vietnam Zareen 1

Zareen and her lovely co-workers

  • Social experience:

“Besides going to work, I spent all of my weekend traveling to new places like Sapa, Hoi An, Da Nang, and Ha Long Bay. I met so many nice people who are so friendly and they really want you to immerse into the culture. If there is one thing I feel that I have grown, it must be my ability to talk with people, to be more open towards anything. Before coming here I knew pretty much nothing about Vietnam. Still I managed to live here and was actually never lonely my whole time being in Vietnam.”

Internship in Vietnam Zareen 2

Zareen visiting the Temple of Literature with her local buddy. :) 

3. David Duplantier (UCSD, U.S.A)

Internship in Vietnam David 1

David in front of his work place – Quang Trung software city,Vietnam’s largest software park.

David Duplantier is a student majoring in computer science and mathematics at the University of California, San Diego. David chose to find an IT internship in Vietnam because of his amazing experience studying in the country the previous summer, and he wanted to combine the practical demands of gaining experience in his major with his passion of learning about the world. He already has plans to return to Vietnam after graduation and that is why an internship with hands-on computer programming experience is much needed. Let’s hear from David about the beneficial experience he had while doing an internship in Vietnam:

“My IT Internship in Vietnam was done at Global Cybersoft (GCS) in Ho Chi Minh City, GCS is a leading global IT solutions provider founded in California, GCS cooperates extensively with partners in countries such as the U.K. and Japan. Overall, GCS is a trusted host organization for my IT internship in Vietnam because of their extensive experiences and rich expertise. The first team I worked with (Business Analysis Team) went out of their way to give me responsibilities that immediately incorporated my work into their product, and provided help for me to learn how to do these tasks. The project I worked on was an web application intended to control a train system in Britain. At the time, we had a list of detailed specifications on each webpage we had to release to our client for approval before proceeding to physically build the software. As it turned out, my mentor gave me the responsibility to write up the first document to be released to the client in Britain! I felt my work on the Business Analysis team was important, and I made a significant contribution as an intern. Next, I was moved to the programming team which I felt I had a lot to learn from. Given that the company was not used to having an intern like me, they did a good job giving me responsibilities that would help me learn. My supervisor was the local team manager and he helped me a lot during work and cared about my well-being while I was working. After returning to school, I can see that the internship fits a lot into what I wanted to do in the future in terms of career in the computer science industry and I was thankful for the opportunity to gain professional experience and to live in one of my most favorite countries – Vietnam.”

internship in Vietnam David 2

David having a good time trying out Vietnamese street food with the local buddies

SE Vietnam is proud to accompany these amazing courageous individuals during their time interning abroad and is looking forward to seeing how their internship in Vietnam help them in their professional career, change the way they look at the world, and inspire them both personally and professionally.

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