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Kaoru’s responsibility as an intern at Pan Pacific Hotel was to welcome and farewell the guest and takes care of our Japanese and VIP guest. As a hospitality student, Kaoru has a fair knowledge of the hospitality industry and soft skills necessary for the job like communication, team work, working under pressure. Due to the short duration of internship Kaoru hasn’t been able to keep up with everyone in the team. However, we was very glad to see that she showed profound interest in learning from our advice, trainings and abide very strictly to the rules of attendance and punctuality. We can say that the biggest strengths she brought to her internship in Vietnam are Team work, Enthusiasm, Hardworking and Punctuality. We would like to thank SE Vietnam for an internship program that is beneficial not only to the intern but also to us as the host organization. We were able to have a more diverse manpower, our staffs got to learn about a whole different culture and with Kaoru, our team became multi-cultural making it easier to engage and assist guests.

Kaoru Mori Internship in Vietnam

Kaoru wearing the traditional Ao Dai – the uniform of her workplace.


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