Remote Internship

The most affordable & flexible way to future-proof your career with hands-on international work experiences.
The world of work has shifted to online and employers know it. Remote internships help you be ready for this reality by gaining hands-on work experiences, industry know-hows, develop international communication skills – All at the comfort of home.
As one of Asia’s fastest-growing economies, Vietnam is the ideal internship destination thanks to its abundance of hands-on work with growth opportunities, talented and friendly colleagues and fascinating local culture. This is your chance to learn transferable skills and future-proof your career in today’s globalized world!

Internship Highlights:

As international remote interns in our program, you will enjoy access to:

  • Individual Internship Advising (customized based on your interests, professional goals & schedule)
  • Guaranteed Internship Placement in your chosen field
  • Professional on-the-job training
  • Internship Orientation & Cultural Orientation
  • Ongoing internship supports
  • Weekly Interactive Cultural Immersion Sessions
  • Weekly check-ins with host supervisors and program coordinators
  • Virtual local buddies
  • E-certificate of completion
  • Reference letter for good performance

Relevant Majors:

  • Biology & Public Health
  • Communications
  • Marketing & Business
  • Finance & Law
  • IT & Analytics
  • Social Work & Community Development
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Social Sciences
  • Arts & Design
  • Architecture

*There are many more opportunities, as each placement is customized. Contact us with your profile to get your personalized placement advising and potential opportunities.

Internship hours:

Duration: 8 to 16 weeks
Working hours:

  • Full-Time internship: 20-25 hours/ week.
  • Part-Time internship: 9-15 hours/ week.

The remote internship is flexible in nature and can be customized to fit with your schedule. Most of our remote interns complete internships while still attending classes or doing part-time jobs. Many interns have a duo schedule of working independently during their local day time and weekly scheduled synchronous working/ meeting sessions with host organizations.

Internship Requirements:

  • Be enrolled in university, graduated or have relevant work experience in the field of interest
  • Languages: English (This is the working language with host organizations)
  • Proficient computer skills: MS Office, Email, Internet Usage, etc
  • Soft skills & interpersonal skills (communication, teamwork, presentation, time management, etc)
  • Ability to work independently and in a team
  • Other specialized knowledge, professional skills & qualities to perform the job (vary by placement and depend on the specific host organization)


  • Passionate about sustainable developments? Take up a development internship with our local NGOs to gain hands-on experiences in a variety of topics, including Human rights/ Environmental/ Women Empowerment/ Social Entrepreneurship. Intern will gain experience in various nonprofit planning, communications, and fundraising activities.

    Main tasks

    1. Assist with the development of project concept notes and proposals that support the NGO’s short and long‑term strategy.
    2. Assist with writing posts, newsletters and other communications materials
    3. Assist writing and editing reports and proposals
    4. Support ongoing community engagement such as online events, online campaigns.
    5. Support the development, management and implementation of projects, including undertaking needs assessments, conducting surveys and collecting data

    Host Organization

    The Institute for Studies of Society, Economy and Environment (iSEE) is a science and technology organization. We work for the rights of minority groups in Vietnam to envision a more equal, tolerant, and free society in which everyone’s human rights are respected, and individuality valued.
    The center works towards the rights of minority groups in Vietnamese society through original research, policy advocacy, organizing conference and training events, holding popular annual community events, and running direct youth and minority initiatives. It is trusted by global partners and donors, including Irish Aid, Oxfam, Care International, UNDP, the European Commission, Rockefeller Foundation.


    The Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) is one of the longest-running national NGO, working in the field of poverty alleviation in Vietnam. Founded in 2006, SRD has been implementing over 50 projects with the main focus on Sustainable Agriculture, Rural Livelihoods, Climate Change Adaptation, Forestry Governance and Pro-Poor Policy Advocacy. SRD has also been a founding member and chair of major national CSO networks including VNGO&CC, VNGO-FLEGT, and an active member in many other national/regional networks and policy forums.

  • Main tasks:
    1. Assist business development activities
    2. Conduct secondary and primary research to gather data. Analyze industry’s patterns and trends
    3. Support for preparing marketing brochure, documents and presentations for product marketing
    4. Manage and update the company database and customer relationship management systems (CRM)
    5. Assist in marketing and advertising promotional activities (e.g. social media, direct mail, and web)
    6. Assist with writing proposals and delivering presentations when required
    7. Assist with working clients when required

    Host Organization

    OOC Technology Solutions

    OOC Technology Solutions is a tech solution company that strives to aid businesses in professional administration, embrace their strategic decisions and business model. They have created unique software that focus on HR aspects, KPI & scoreboard, and Task management.

    DigiPencil MVV

    DigiPencil MVV is the creative agency of the connected age. We believe every business challenges is a communication challenge. We are a startup solving communication issues in marketing, operation and distribution. In the hyper-connected lives, there are so many NEW things shaping NEW human behaviors. Therefore, we learn to understand and capture the NEW connected-insight, filter through the lens of a creative agency to deliver actionable business solutions in a right place, right time, right audience. We are the expert of connecting brands with connected people to inspire and equip a better-connected life.

    Digipencil is proud to be one of the top 10 leading marketing agencies in Vietnam, working with international and local clients such as Panasonic, Grab, Uniliver.

  • Main tasks:

    Provide general support to all project activities either as Project Assistant or Communication Assistant:

    Project Assistant:

    1. Assist Project Coordinators to carry out project activities under Sustainable Energy Program, including daily support, research, and social media outreach.
    2. Develop content on renewable energy and energy efficiency issues to be published via communication channels.
    3. upporting other team on topic-related issues (e.g.: provide support field activities, event organizing, case study research)
    4. Other works when needed.

    Communications Assistant:

    1. Assist with planning and executing a variety of communications campaigns
    2. Assist with writing communications materials, such as newsletter, articles, press release
    3. Assist with preparing graphic designs for online channels and other promotional products
    4. Gain an understanding of environmental sustainability topics and help create communications materials to raise public awareness

    Host Organization

    GreenID is a leading Vietnamese NPO located in the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. Its focus is on sustainable energy sector development. The NGO’s vision is to promote sustainable development for the citizens of Vietnam and the larger Mekong region that is based on green and innovative technologies and methods and improved governance of the environment and natural resources.
    Their core programs consist of 3 thematic areas: Renewable Energy, Clean Air and Water, and Green growth. They have worked with international organizations including Oxfam, WWF, Australian Aid.

    WWF is one of the world’s leading environment NGO and was one of the first international non-government organizations to work in Viet Nam.
    In 1985, WWF began working on a national conservation strategy and since then, has worked closely with the Vietnamese Government and local partners on a diverse range of environmental issues, implementing numerous field activities across the country. WWF-Viet Nam is part of WWF-Greater Mekong which includes WWF-Cambodia, WWF-Laos, WWF-Thailand and WWF-Myanmar.

  • Depending on your education level and interest areas, health and biology interns help you gain practical experiences in the health industry and academia in varying tasks.

    Main tasks:

    1. Assist project team in carrying out various research projects in the field of health sciences, biology and public health management
    2. Assist with reviewing scientific literature related to measures of geographic accessibility
    3. Assist with collecting, cleaning and analyzing data
    4. Assist with editing written reports, articles etc.
    5. Other tasks as needed

    Host Organization

    Hanoi University of Public Health
    Hanoi University of Public Health (HUPH) was first founded as the School for Doctor’s Assistant, then the Secondary Pharmaceutical School, The Central School for Health Staff and the School of Training for Health Staff (1948-1975) and the School for Health Administrators (1976- 2001). In 2001, the Government upgraded the status of the school into university and became Hanoi University of Public Health, but it kept the English name as Hanoi School of Public Health.

    The university has its own strategic development plan between 2013-2020 with the vision to become the leading institution in Vietnam and in the region on Public Health training, research and consultancy. HUPH has also a long history of strengthening partnership within its faculty and other institutional departments, organizations and agencies, nationally and internationally, to develop the school’s human resources, quality improvement in training, research and consultancy and thus to progress in the direction of globalization.