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What is your definition of an ideal spring abroad? Think about spending a quarter away from school, jumping on a plane to a foreign country, doing real work, meeting inspiring people, building your professional network and travelling around the exotic land of Vietnam. Check out our offer below to help you get closer to that dream: 


$100 DISCOUNT/applicant

Available only for the first 10 applicants


  • Program type: Internship or Semester Abroad in Vietnam
  • Program start date: any date from January 1st to March 31st 2018
  • Program duration: minimum 2 months


Application time: 

  • Until October 31st 2017
  • Discount code: GOVIETNAM2018 (Enter this code when you do the online application)


Internship fields:

  1. Agriculture Internship 
  2. IT Internship
  3. Education Internship
  4. Engineering Internship
  5. Environment Internship
  6. Hospitality & Tourism Internship 
  7. Business Development Internship
  8. Social Work & Community Development Internship
  9. Medical & Healthcare Internship
  10. Finance – Banking & Laws Internship

Featured Internship Opportunities:

Travel for more! Get paid to do an internship in Vietnam with our Featured Internship Positions in Hospitality:

1. Lotte Legend Hotel Saigon

Lotte Hotel Internship in Vietnam

2. Elegance Hotel Hanoi

Elegance hotel Hanoi internship in Vietnam

3. Paradise Vietnam

Paradise Internship in Vietnam

Study fields:

  1. Business Administration, Economics, Accounting and Finance,  Marketing, etc 
  2. Vietnamese Language and Vietnam Studies, Foreign Languages, Hospitality & Tourism
  3. Humanities & Social Sciences
  4. Automotive Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science, Construction Material Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Food Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, etc

Check out prospective programs and further information for a semester abroad in Vietnam here


Alumni experience:

A semester abroad or an internship in Vietnam is your ticket to see the world! But don’t just take our words for it; hear from our alumni whose lives have been greatly transformed through their program in Vietnam.

Marvin M. Napi – The Phillipines

Cruise Management Internship in Vietnam 

internship in Vietnam 1

Marvin at his workplace, a luxury cruise on Halong Bay – one of the world’s 7 Natural Wonders

“Having an Internship program away from home is not an easy decision because you have to think of so many aspects like entering a new culture, encountering language differences, living in a new environment and so many other things. At first, I was very nervous because it was my first time in Vietnam, but Student Exchange Vietnam (SEV) made me feel that I made a right decision to come for an internship here. They will not let you feel away from your home as they will treat you not just like a student intern but as a part of the SEV family. I never felt alone as they are always there to guide and support me during my internship despite of the culture differences. The very good news is I am starting to learn and immerse myself into the Vietnamese life with the help of not only my on-site program coordinator but also my lovely Vietnamese co-workers in Ha Long Bay. […] 

internship in Vietnam 5

Marvin and his local buddy, Ngan going on a city tour in Hanoi.

My program started with an orientation on my internship in Vietnam at SEV’s office, during which they also taught me some basic Vietnamese language that is very helpful while I am here. Afterwards, we had a welcome dinner where I tried different Vietnamese dishes which I immediately fell in love with. They were all very “ngon” which means delicious in Vietnamese :) . The next day we had a day of city tour with my local buddy – Ngan where she showed me around tourists spots in Hanoi’s Old Quarter and French Quarter. During the tour, Ngan also brought me to local restaurants to enjoy traditional Vietnamese foods and drinks like Egg coffee which I like best. To make it even better, she took me to a place near Hoan Kiem Lake where I got to discover the most delicious ice cream I have ever tasted in my life.

internship in Vietnam 4

Looking for the best icecream you’ll ever taste? According to Marvin, it is right in the heart of Hanoi

The day after that was time for me to go to Ha Long Bay to get inducted to my host company – the Luxury Cruise I will be working on for the next 6 months. On my first day there, I cruised as a guest to observe the operations of the cruise and joined the activities on board which enabled me to learn first hand about my work. The next day I started working, It was hard because I was still adjusting to everything and had to work long hours. Now that I’ve been working for two months already, I have learned a lot more and made some very POSITIVE changes. Its not hard anymore, and I am having the best time in my work. Everyday, I meet different people from different cultures whom I can learn many valuable things from. Meeting them and knowing that they have enjoyed their cruise with us makes me feel relieved. Sometimes the work is tiring, but when you see your guests happy, it makes you happy too. That, I think, is the greatest thing about work so far. My internship in Vietnam is just half way so it is very promising that there is till a lot more to learn, and for me, everyday in Vietnam is a new lesson.

internship in Vietnam

Marvin and his lovely Vietnamese co-workers.

internship in Vietnam 3

Living the cruise life!

I would like to thank SEV for the work that they did to make my internship in Vietnam work, I believe I made the right decision to to come here. No matter how much I have learned and grown, this is definitely one part of my life that I will never forget, my memories in Vietnam with SEV.


Marvin M. Napi – Ha Long Bay, October 10th 2017


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