Study and Intern in Vietnam with a $300 GRANT!

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Travel with us!

The best part of being young is the ability to go places and have new experiences and SE Vietnam understands that sometimes it is financially hard to Just do it, therefore we are giving you

$300 GRANT

to study and intern this summer in Vietnam!

Get practical experience. meeting new friends and learn about a new culture while visiting one of the most historic destinations and fast growing economies in Southeast Asia. Immerse yourself in the world famous cuisine, build extensive international network for your future career with our Internships or study.


Program type: Full Package Internship or Semester Abroad in Vietnam

Program start date: Any date from May 1st to August 1st 2018

Program duration: 3 months minimum

Application time:


Sign up by the end of March, 2018, enter LUCKY2018 for Promotion Code and to receive our $300 Grants. (Available only for the first 5 applicants)

Internship & Study fields:

Agriculture Internship

IT Internship

Education Internship

Engineering Internship

Environment Internship

Hospitality & Tourism Internship

Business Development Internship

Social Work & Community Development Internship

Medical & Healthcare Internship

Finance – Banking & Laws Internship

How to Get Your $300:

Finish your Application HERE and enter LUCKY2018 for Promotion Code.

**What do SE Vietnam internship/semester abroad services include?

    We provide an all-inclusive package & 24/7 onsite support

Our program includes placement, accommodation, visa assistance, public transportation, excursions, networking opportunities and on-site support to ensure you have an all-round experience and thrive in Vietnam.

When you sign up for our programs, you are not just entering into an internship or a semester abroad, but a supportive community of coordinators, local buddies, alumni and friends who can help you succeed in Vietnam or anywhere else in the world you find yourself afterwards.

**Looking to minimize your budget even further? Pick a PAID Hospitality Internship with us!

We partnered with leading hotels and resorts across Vietnam to give you opportunities to travel, gain hands-on experience and get paid. Check out program specifics HERE!

intern in Vietnam


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