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Bao Nguyen is an active and dynamic intern. She is responsible person and always tries her best to complete the assigned tasks. She often met deadlines with good quality of work. She has the ability to work in a multi culture environment. Bao is an open and communicable person, she always report to line manager and in person discussion in order to get our opinion/suggestion on her works. Her English skill is also one of her biggest strengths.

Although the internship duration was taken only 7 weeks, the intern has assigned a number of tasks to maximize her engagement to SRD’s work and her contribution to SRD.

With her support, the reports of SRD were translated into Vietnamese and English in a timely manner. All the translations met the quality. The photo books and video of project were well prepared with her assistance.

During her time at SRD, she was assigned to the field trip in Thai Nguyen twice to collect the information and photo and the outputs made by her are in good quality and will be used for the case stories and news/article of project.

bao internship in vietnam

Bao Nguyen on a business field trip to Thai Nguyen province with SRD


We wish to have more opportunity to collaboration with SE in hosting interns/volunteers in the coming time. However, if it is possible, we would like the internship duration to be longer. 

SE Vietnam and their staff have provided a valuable support on facilitation process of this program. We are much appreciated their good arrangement and well-facilitation.


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