Vietnam Ranked among World’s Fastest Growing Travel Destinations

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The country’s effort to promote tourism – the smokeless industry as one of the backbone of Vietnam’s economy is finally paying off.

Young and old, adventurous or cautious, Vietnam is the place to be if you are ready to discover the amazing natural beauty hidden away from the chaotic, busy streets of its metropolis cities.

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Vietnam’s amazing landscape. Photo:

In its infantry, Vietnam’s tourism industry received more criticism than praises for its failure to tackle organized scams, traffic problems, environmental issues and most recently, the sidewalk debate. However, after many hard lessons learnt, the country is moving towards the right direction, making efforts to be more tourist friendly than ever with the national sidewalk campaign, Ho Chi Minh City’s bilingual street signs, Bui Vien Backpackers’ Street turned a walking street and so on.

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Ho Chi Minh City’s bilingual street signs. Photo: VnExpress

These efforts are gradually paying off as recently; a new United Nations report showed that the country’s 2016 visitor numbers rose at one of the fastest rates in the world. The report by the UN World Tourism Organization published just this week named Vietnam’s tourism growth as 7th in the world making it the only destination in Southeast Asia to make the top 10. The list was topped by Sierra Leone, thanks to the eradication of Ebola in November 2015.

This is very good news for Vietnam among many other international praises for the country recently. The country’s standing on the world’s travel map has been going up significantly. Just late last year, the New York Times has listed Vietnam among other places like New Zealand or Prague a place to travel in your twenties. “A trip to Southeast Asia would be tough to squeeze into a week, but if you find yourself with a bit more time, consider Vietnam, a country rich in cuisine, culture and natural beauty — and light on the wallet. Set your sights in particular on the seaside town of Hoi An and Hue, a former national capital or a boat trip through Ha Long Bay is equally memorable” – praised the New York Times.

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Vietnam’s complex and colorful cuisine can charm any hearts. Photo:

There were several other good news for Vietnam as the central seaside town of Hoi An was selected as one the world’s top destinations in 2017 by TripAdvisor users, who also selected Da Lat and Sa Pa among the best vacation choices for the year.

Hanoi was chosen as a place for an amazing food experience by The Telegraph while Ho Chi Minh City has cracked into second place in the list of top destinations for solo travelers by Airbnb. Both cities were named among the world’s most dynamic cities by the World Economic Forum. But that is not all, Vietnam is an ideal destination if you are travelling on a modest budget due to the country’s fairly cheap standard of living, recently, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi – the country’s biggest cities were voted by Price of Travel as one of the cheapest cities for backpackers.

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Hoi An Ancient Town, one of UNESCO World Heritage. Photo:

With visa waiver policies for big markets in Asia and Europe, as well as a new e-visa system, the country hopes to welcome 17-20 million foreign visitors and make $35 billion per year from tourism by 2020, contributing 10 percent to the country’s economy, compared to the current 7.5 percent.

Its top lawmakers have approved a brand new tourism development fund to boost tourism, which will be sourced from visa fees and an annual budget of $2.5 million the government sets aside for tourism promotions every year.

All of the achievements by Vietnam in the competitive scene of global tourism really give people who are working to promote the country’s natural beauty and cultural heritage the hope and motivation to make Vietnam a travel destination on par with other Asian countries like Thailand or the Philippines.


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