The 10 Most Enchanting Waterfalls In Vietnam

The 10 Most Enchanting Waterfalls In Vietnam - Student Exchange

Vietnam is not only known for its beautiful coastline but also for its countless beautiful waterfalls. It’s hard to say no to visiting waterfalls because of their pristine natural beauty.

If you’re limited on time, the endless waterfall options can be confusing. Please read the article below to learn about the top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam today.

Ban Gioc Waterfall In Vietnam

Ban Gioc is one of the most famous and beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam. The waterfalls are located in the northeastern region of Vietnam, powered by the Quay Son River, and feature a series of beautiful waterfalls. These spectacular waterfalls mark the border between Vietnam and China. Therefore, they have two factions: one in Vietnam, called Ban Gioc, and one in China, called Detian.

Ban Gioc Waterfall - Waterfalls In Vietnam - Student Exchange


Ban Gioc is the largest waterfall in Vietnam, 30 meters high and 300 meters wide. Follow the cobbled path through rice fields, past wooden bridges, and across babbling brooks, and the sight of beautiful waterfalls looms before your eyes.

Visitors can be awed by the three awe-inspiring levels divided by rocks and trees, the natural setting of tooth-sharp limestone mountains, and the emerald-blue waters beneath majestic white waterfalls.

Ban Gioc Waterfall - Student Exchange

Another fascinating sight of Ban Gioc Waterfall is the fuzzy clouds that evaporate from the waterfall’s sprinklers. In addition, to get to the bottom of the waterfall for a better view, tourists have to pay 50,000 VND ($2) to take a bamboo raft.

Best time to visit: You can visit the waterfall at any time of the year, but September and October are the best time to visit, with beautiful rice fields and little rain.

Address: Ban Gioc Waterfall, Road 211, Dam Thuy, Trung Khanh, Cao Bang Province, Vietnam.

Entrance fee: 45,000 VND – pay at the counter near the Ban Gioc waterfall.

Note: Remember to show your passport when buying tickets.

Mu Waterfall Vietnam

The second-largest waterfall in northern Vietnam not to be missed is Mu Waterfall. Just 140 kilometers (about 87 miles) from Hanoi, you can see beautiful waterfalls among unspoiled ruins and fragrant fig trees.
Although you didn’t see the waterfall, you could still hear the sound of running water in the distance. Stepping down the stone steps, Mu Waterfall is like a beautiful girl, with white water splashing down from the stone steps.

Mu Waterfall - Waterfalls In Vietnam- Student Exchange


Located at the beginning of the majestic Truong Son mountain range, at over 1,000 meters above sea level, the waterfall mesmerizes with its clear blue waters and cascading cool boulders. There is a natural lake at the foot of the waterfall, which is very suitable for tourists to swim. Flowing water all year round, the waterfall is 100 meters high.

Following the waterfall from downstream to upstream, you are drawn in by the shady forest canopy. Although the road to the wooden waterfall is relatively small, with many stones, it is difficult to walk, but the scenery of the wooden waterfall will not let you down.

Mu Waterfall - Student Exchange

Best time to visit: It is divided into two seasons: dry season and sunny season. May-September is the best time to visit Mu Falls; however, most foreign tourists prefer to visit Mu Falls during the dry season (October to April).

Address: Mu Waterfall, Tu Do Mu Village, Leshan City, Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam.

Entrance Fee: Free

Note: Not only is this a great place to relax and enjoy nature, but it’s also a great place to meet the friendly Mon people.

Waterfalls In Vietnam: Tac Tinh

Located in Tam Duong – Lai Chau, Tac Tinh is a tranquil retreat. Also known as Love Waterfall, Tac Tinh is considered one of the most attractive attractions in Northwest Vietnam.

Besides, the waterfall is located in a small, verdant valley between majestic giant mountains, inhabited by the Tao people. Coming here, the wild and pure beauty of Tac Tinh Waterfall makes visitors seem lost in a bygone era.

Tac Tinh Waterfall - Waterfalls In Vietnam- Student Exchange


Tac Tinh waterfall originates from the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, is 130 meters high, and falls straight down, forming a lake about 100 square meters wide at the foot. The water of the lake keeps overflowing and merges into a small stream, and the clear water flows down the valley. This is the main source of water supply for agricultural production and people’s lives here.

Tourists should climb up to see the most beautiful waterfall. On sunny days, visitors have the opportunity to see a beautiful rainbow over the lake. Due to the perennial flow of water, the cliffs here are very smooth.

Tac Tinh Waterfall - Student Exchange

Best time to visit:

Choosing the season to visit Tac Tinh Waterfall is not easy, as its beauty is different in every season of the year. In the dry season (October to April of the following year), the waterfall falls slowly, and the water is blue, like a charming young woman.

On the contrary, in the rainy season (May to September), Zuo Jing is like a turbid and strong man with gurgling water all day long. Therefore, choose the most suitable time to visit the waterfall according to your time budget, and interests.

Address: Tac Tinh Waterfall, Tam Duong Town, Tam Duong District, Lai Chau Province, Vietnam.

May Waterfall

One of the most stunning waterfalls in Vietnam is May Waterfall in Thanh Hoa province. The waterfall consists of nine separate waterfalls. According to legend, nine fairies left footprints after returning to heaven. That’s why the waterfall is also called “Nine Steps of Love”.

May Waterfall - Student Exchange


May, which means “cloud”, is likened to a precious gem with a unique beauty. When you come to May Falls, it is breathtakingly beautiful. You have the chance to witness a sea of clouds made up of nine layers of brilliant water. It takes about an hour to climb to the top of this waterfall, but the payoff is worth it. The beautiful white waterfall, the sound of gurgling water, and the clear blue lake come into view. Enjoy nature!

May Waterfall - Waterfalls In Vietnam- Student Exchange

Best of all, May Falls is not a very famous destination for foreign tourists and still retains its wild look. It’s worth the three-hour drive from Hanoi to get there. Despite the poor quality of the roads, many tourists still come here to enjoy the natural beauty of May Falls.

Best Time To Visit: Starting from August is the best time to visit this magnificent waterfall.

Address: May Waterfall, Thach Thanh District, Thanh Hoa Province, Vietnam.

Yang Bay Waterfall

If you’re on vacation in Khanh Hoa province, don’t just enjoy the beaches of Nha Trang city; take some time to visit Yang Bay Waterfall. Yang Bay Waterfall is about 45 kilometers away from Nha Trang City. It is located in a large valley with an area of 570 hectares and an altitude of more than 100 meters.

Yang Bay Waterfall - Student Exchange


The site has three waterfalls, including Yang Bay, Yang Khang, and Hocho. Yangwan is the main waterfall, divided into two parts, Yangwan 1 and Yangwan 2, with a total height of 80m and a length of 2000m. Yang Bay 1 has two small lakes and one large lake.

Looking from a distance, visitors can see white foam gushing out of the clear blue lake. The majestic waterfall is surrounded by dense virgin forest. This amazing waterfall is a tourist attraction. Although Yangwan has become an eco-tourism area, it still retains its original features.

Yang Bay Waterfall - Waterfalls In Vietnam - Student Exchange

Here, visitors can not only enjoy Yangwan Waterfall but also enjoy the romantic beauty of the jungle, countless tropical insects, colorful butterflies, wooden bridges, orchids, cherry blossoms, and so on.

Furthermore, this is located in the mountains, and the climate is cool all year round. So, it is indeed a great place for nature lovers to enjoy the fresh air and stunning scenery.

Best time to visit: October and April (best on weekdays to avoid crowds and noise).

Entrance fee: VND 120,000 to VND 300,000, depending on the package you choose.

Address: Yang Bay Waterfall, Khanh Phu Khanh Vinh District, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam.

Waterfalls In Vietnam: Suoi Tranh

Is Suoi Tranh Waterfall worth a visit? The answer is yes. Phu Quoc is known by many as the “Emerald Isle” because of its many streams and waterfalls. When in Phu Quoc, don’t forget to spend time exploring nature, including the Suoi Tranh Waterfall. This is one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in Vietnam.

Suoi Tranh Waterfall is located in the Suoi Tranh Ecological Area between Duong Dong Town and Bai Dai Town. Walk for about 20 minutes from the entrance of the park, and the gentle and beautiful waterfall will appear in front of you.

Suoi Tranh Waterfall - Waterfalls In Vietnam- Student Exchange


Suoi Tranh Waterfall is 15 kilometers long and 4 meters high, with many waterfalls, large rocks, and small ponds. The place is the confluence of the canyons of the Ham Ninh Mountains, forming a picturesque setting hidden in lush greenery. Suoi Tranh is a waterfall made up of a series of smaller waterfalls and streams.

One of the most attractive things about Suoi Tranh Waterfall is its peaceful atmosphere. In summer, a highlight that completely shocks the visitor’s senses is the sunlight filtering through the trees. The shimmering reflection of the sun on the water will make you feel like you are in a fairyland.

Suoi Tranh Waterfall - Student Exchange

Suoi Tranh Waterfall is the ideal place for those who love greenery, untouched nature, and peaceful spaces. There’s nothing more relaxing than being in a quiet, tree-lined spot, listening to the birds chirping and watching the water babbling along the edge of a rugged rock crevice.

Best time to visit: May-September.
Entrance fee:

  • Entrance fee: 10,000 VND/adult and 5,000 VND/child
  • Parking fee: 10,000 VND/car and 2,000 VND/motorcycle.

Address: Suoi Tranh Waterfall, Suoi May, Duong May, Phu Quoc, Kien Giang, Vietnam.

Pongour Waterfall

In the list of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam, Pongour Waterfall is indispensable. This is considered one of the most attractive places in Lam Dong province. The location where Pongour Falls is located is a desolate area. 45 kilometers southwest of Da Lat, you will encounter the majestic natural beauty of Pongour Waterfall.

Pongour Waterfall- Waterfalls In Vietnam - Student Exchange


Pongour is a strangely beautiful waterfall with huge, deep rocks, wide falls, a hot sun, chirping cicadas, and green foliage. The falls consist of a series of natural rock ledges that you can climb to walk under and behind the falls.

In particular, water gushes from stepped rocks that are 100 meters wide and 40 meters high and pours into the bottom of the pool. A bridge over the stream allows visitors to see the falls from the opposite bank. It is said that the waterfall is a symbol of the attachment between man and nature.

Besides, the good news is that Pongour has fewer tourists than other waterfalls in Lam Dong province. Therefore, there is relatively little trash around the place. The site does not yet have elaborate animal statues, swan boats, or cable cars. So that tourists can enjoy the natural scenery of the waterfall.

Pongour Waterfall- Student Exchange

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit is from October to April of the following year. Therefore, this place is a favorite for afternoon picnics. Please try to come at another time of the day if you want to avoid the crowds.

Entrance Fee: VND 10,000.

Address: Pongour Waterfall, Tan Nghia, Ninh Gia, Duc Trong District, Lam Dong, Vietnam.

Dambri Waterfall Vietnam

Like Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang Province, Dambri Waterfall was included in MSN’s list of the 15 most stunning waterfalls in the world. Located in the northwest of Bao Loc City, Dambri is 70 meters high and 30 meters wide and is considered the highest waterfall in Lam Dong Province.

Dambri Waterfall - Student Exchange


Although it has become a popular tourist attraction, Danbury Falls still offers an impressive and majestic sight with its natural beauty. Before arriving at the waterfall in the Danburi tourist area, tourists have to hike a long way under the blue sky and white clouds.

Also, there are three ways to conquer the waterfall. The first way is to climb 138 steps; the second way is to take the elevator; and the third way is the most thrilling roller coaster ride. The most interesting thing is to immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature, listen to the murmur of running water, watch the water overflow over the rocks, and then pour into a large pool.

In addition, Dambri Waterfall is at its most beautiful on a clear day. These days, you can better see the fog around you from pouring water. If you’re lucky, you might even see a rainbow. The green of the dense forest, the white foam of the water, and the colorful rainbow will create a picturesque waterfall scene.

Dambri Waterfall Waterfalls In Vietnam- Student Exchange

Best Time to Visit: Any time of year, but remember to come on weekdays rather than weekends to avoid the crowds and get the most out of nature and fresh air.

Entrance fee: VND 50,000/person. It’s quite expensive compared to other waterfalls, but well worth the experience.

Address: Dambri Waterfall, Hamlet 14, Ly Thai To, Dambri, Da MBri, Bao Loc City, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam.

Dray Nur Waterfall

Nestled in the heart of the Central Highlands, Dak Lak is dedicated to celebrating and preserving its natural beauty. Dole is not only famous for its ethnic minorities, coffee industry, mountains, and national parks but also its beautiful waterfalls. One of the province’s most famous natural attractions is the Dray Nur Waterfall.

Dray Nur Waterfall - Waterfalls In Vietnam- Student Exchange


Dray Nur waterfall belongs to Kuop village, about 25 kilometers south of Buon Ma Thuot City. Among the three waterfalls in the Serepok River, Dray Nur Waterfall is the largest, at 250m long and 30m high. Dray Nur is also the most beautiful waterfall among the 3 waterfalls of Dray Sap, Dray Nur, and Gia Long.

In the distance, visitors stumble upon breathtaking waterfalls and breathtaking panoramas. The most impressive thing for tourists is the avalanche-like white water pouring from the high cliffs into the blue bottom of the lake. The water is very clear, and it flows violently during the rainy season. Therefore, swimming is not allowed here due to the danger.

Moreover, Dray Nur means “female” in the local language. This is why the falls are called Wife Falls. Whether it is the natural beauty or the mysterious legend behind it, this majestic waterfall has become a must-see natural attraction in the Central Plateau of Vietnam.

Dray Nur Waterfall - Student Exchange

Best time to visit: October to April.

Entrance fee: 30,000 – 40,000 VND/person.

Address: Ea Na Dray Nur Waterfall, Krong Ana District, Daklak Province, Vietnam.

Note: The ideal time to take pictures is between 5 am and 7 am when the sun is not too bright. The place is usually packed with picnic groups on weekends. If you’re looking for a quiet place, don’t come here during that time.

Waterfalls in Vietnam – Thuy Tien

Another beautiful waterfall in Dak Lak province is Thuy Tien. Thuy Tien Waterfall is located in the middle of a barren mountainous area, 56 kilometers northeast of Buon Ma Thuot. The road to Thuy Tien Waterfall is beautiful, with winding passages and green coffee and rubber fields.

Thuy Tien Waterfall - Waterfalls In Vietnam- Student Exchange


Thuy Tien Fall is also known as the Three-tiered Waterfall because it has three waterfalls.

  • The first level is a low slope with steps. The thin stream flows gently through the green leaves like a flower stand. Here, visitors can also see the strings of tree roots on both sides hanging down like swaying hammocks.
  • The second level has rock formations. This tier of waterfalls is interspersed with many different small, shallow lakes. It has become an ideal place for tourists to take a dip. The waterfall here splashes white foam, like white flowers blooming in the golden sun.
  • The third floor is an impressive place where water pours vertically into a deep lake at the foot of the waterfall. Visitors look from a distance; the water flows down the stone steps, and the scenery is beautiful. Here, many stones of different shapes and sizes are stacked on top of each other, forming a spectacular scene.

Thuy Tien Waterfall - Student Exchange

Best time to visit: The dry season from November to April.

Entrance fee: VND 25,000/adult and VND 10,000/child.

Address: Thuy Tien Waterfall, Ea Puk, Ea Kar, Dak Lak Province, Vietnam.

In conclusion, if you’ve ever heard someone advise against going to Vietnam to explore waterfalls, you’re wrong. Do you want to pursue the best waterfall in Vietnam? Among the top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam, there are many impressive waterfalls and unbelievably stunning views that can make your head spin. Pack your bags, hop on, and visit; the journey is worth it.