Working As A Lab Assistant In Vietnam (Part 2) – Darishini And Jessica

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For prospective interns who are wondering what an internship in Vietnam as a lab assistant is like or looking for opportunities to work in the field of lab testing services, join us today with Darishini and Jessica!  You can also see the first part about working as a lab assistant in Vietnam featuring our intern Kelvin On HERE.


Darishini and Jessica in our video series [FOLLOW OUR INTERNS] 

A combination of classroom knowledge and experiential learning 

Pursuing a career in pharmaceutical science, Darishini has done various types of lab work prior to her internship. She can utilize lab techniques like pipetting, sterile skills and analyzing scientific graphs and so on to carry out the tasks assigned successfully. 

As for Jessica, her experience in Science Club where she learnt to conduct surveys, assemble statistics and work with other members on achieving the accurate results highlighted her prior experience. 

Upon their arrival in Vietnam, they endeavoured into their learning process in Hanoi University of Public Health (HUPH), one of the most prestigious universities in Vietnam aiming to be the leading institution in Vietnam and in the region on Public Health training, research and consultancy. 

At HUPH, Jessica and Darishini undertake research work under the supervision of lab technicians. Everyday, they are tasked to different topics. Their research topic covers: 

Topic 1: Study on GC-MS method for determination of organochlorine pesticides in blood samples

Topic 2: Study on methods for determination of chemicals of concern (Pb, As, Cd, Mn, Hg, Phenol, methylhippuric acid, hippuric acid, o-cresol) in biological samples (blood and urine) by analytical methods (UV-VIS, AAS, HPLC, GC)

Topic 3: Study on Formulation and evaluation herbal shampoo and serum

They both find that it was eye-opening when the theory from textbooks or lectures have been applied in the topics that they covered. They exclaimed that this experiential learning was such a precious chance to gain more hands-on experience in the field. 

How Vietnamese and Singaporean workplace differs? 

Reflecting upon their experience, Jessica and Darishini identified an interesting feature that distinguishes Vietnamese working culture and Singaporean one and it is all about lunch naps! At HUPH, people generally encourage naps after having lunch so that people can have enough mental and physical energy to work for the rest of the day; meanwhile, in Singapore work settings, it can be a little bit more rushing cause everyone will start working right after having lunch. Experiences like these provide us chances to look back upon things happening around us for so long that we take them all for granted until a “clash” with other cultures takes place. 

But that does not apply to their public transportation experience in Vietnam (aka bus) 

If asked about their most memorable experience in Vietnam, Darishini and Jessica without hesitation would tell you the story of how they missed the bus for misunderstanding how bus works in Vietnam. That is quite an entertaining story that we would let them tell you themselves. 

Their experience in Vietnam has been comprehensive and full of learning and discoveries in terms of culture, professional knowledge and life in Vietnam. 

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