Co-founder, Chair of the BoD & Senior Consultant at OCD. Ms. Ha has over 20 years of experience in business development with multinational companies such as Daewoo Corporation, Hewlett-Packard and different experience in setting up and growing new businesses, management consulting and investment advisory. Her company, OCD, is now among the top management consulting companies in Vietnam. She has a passion for developing the human resource with international standards, which encourages her to provide enthusiastic support for SE Vietnam to complete its educational mission.


Former General Manager of the Panasonic Regional Training Center & Member of National Skills Recognition System (Singapore Workforce Development Agency). Mr. Lim work experiences centered primarily in Personnel & General Administration, labor-management relations, training & development as well as performance management programs. He is an inspiring trainer who strives to help managers and executives to improve their working skills for better performance and contribution. He highly appreciates and would like to contribute to the values that SE Vietnam expects to bring for the young work force in Vietnam and internationally via its programs.


President of Japan Commission for the Regulation of Overseas Study Services (J-CROSS), President of International Education Exchange Forum. Mr. Manabu’ s works  focus on Japan-Vietnam educational relationship development. He has a vision to expand the network across ASEAN countries. He strongly support the initiatives raised by SE Vietnam to boost international experience of more young people.


Former CEO of FPT Corporation. Dr. Nam has a rich background inleading businesses with innovation and technology. He has beendevoted to the development of FPT Corporation, the leading technology corporation in Vietnam, and now to Vietnamese education as one of the pioneers in internationalizing the higher education in the region. He strongly believes in the success of theeducational model that SE Vietnam is offering for students internationally.


Former Director of International Public Service in the Executive Leadership Institute, Portland State University &  Co-director of Vietnam – Oregon Initiative.  Dr. Ingle has devoted himself in quite a few international projects, especially in Asia, including educational and research initiatives in Vietnam and China, and the Japanese Municipal Officers program. He is committed tosupporting and encouraging SE to initiate further and deeper connections among students worldwide via education and training opportunities.

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