Alanna Mouland

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My internship is with an education service provider that connects Vietnamese students with opportunities to study abroad. It is a small office, and I work in both Marketing and Partner Relations. I write a lot of PR articles about studying in North America, school profiles and upcoming events. I am also working to expand their partnerships, particularly in my home country of Canada, and am connecting with universities and colleges there to discuss how we can work together. During education fairs I talk directly with students who are potential clients. I share my experiences and answer their questions about life abroad.”

Alanna is not only the ambassador for her own school but for Canadian universities/North American universities in general. The “student ambassador” finds herself growing professionally during her work, by collaborating with local colleagues and integrating into the new office culture. The experience is very critical because in order to connecting local Vietnamese well with people in her home country, Alanna must learn to understand the thinking, the norms, the behaviors of the local. “I learn a lot about how to work in a fast pace environment, and how to organize competing priorities, as I am often given multiple tasks to work on. Working in a small office with young, motivated people is a great experience, because they know how to work really hard, while still having fun together.”


“Vietnam is even more beautiful than I had imagined. I think it’s amazing that Hanoi is such a busy urban area, yet there are parks and lakes around every corner. Outside of the city the scenery is breathtaking. I love that there are so many opportunities to experience nature, with activities such as kayaking, hiking and rock climbing.” She has enjoyed her time going to Halong Bay, one of the New World Natural Wonders, joining a group of hiking people to Lang Son mountainous area, and also discovering the Old Quarter in Hanoi with local buddies assigned by SE Vietnam.

Alanna also learns more about Vietnamese family culture by staying with a local host. “My host family has been amazing. I feel at home here, and am truly experiencing the Vietnamese lifestyle. They are so caring, and always willing to help me and introduce me to new things.”

Sharing about her life in Vietnam, “The support from SE Vietnam has been great. I felt that they did a wonderful job introducing me to Vietnam, and provided everything that I needed to feel safe and comfortable here. I know that if I have any problems, they are there to support me. The food there is also incredible! Also, I have made many Vietnamese friends. Everyone is very accepting and excited to show me around Hanoi. I’m learning so much, and having a lot of fun!”

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