ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Let’s Vietnam 2016 Alumni Start Up TOHE USA

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Student Exchange Vietnam is proud to announce the start-up business of our two beloved alumni Blake Phillips and Reilly Butz from Let’s Vietnam 2016 (Vietnam Scholars Program) with University of Findlay (Ohio, U.S.A.). Let’s Vietnam is a 3-week-4-city study in Vietnam tour designed by SE Vietnam to provide a more complete picture of Vietnam through 3 lenses: culture, economy and nature. During, the program, Blake and Reilly visited Tòhe JSC and were inspired by their innovative and creative business model. After returning to the U.S., the two co-founded Tòhe USA, the North American distributor for Tòhe JSC. Tòhe USA commits to inspire the child artist in every one with unique line of products that all feature amazing children’s artistic creativity and to encourage everyone to express their creativity.  Not stopping there, Tòhe USA heavily supports helping those in need. 10% of our profits go back to Tohe’s foundation that provide free weekly creative art playgrounds to “preserve” and encourage the playfulness within little kids, especially disadvantaged kids.


Blake and Reilly and their group during the trip to Vietnam in 2016 


Blake loves hanging our with local children :)


Their visit to Tòhe JSC during Let’s Vietnam 2016 inspired them to start their business.

Congratulations Blake and Reilly for your amazing and inspiring work in giving back to the community in Vietnam. Here at SE Vietnam, we take pride in introducing Vietnam to international students as well as paying back to the community either by creating more exchange opportunities for local students or by supporting meaningful business model like Tòhe and we appreciate the work that you do to help advance our mission.


If you want to purchase the creative and fun products of these individuals, click here to visit their website. :)

If you would like to know more about their amazing program in Vietnam, click here or contact us for a suitable study program.

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