Celebrating Teachers Day In Vietnam November 20th

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Being a teacher is a noble career that brings to society elite people, from general workers to politicians, directors, athletes, and movie stars. It’s also a work that is often away from the limelight. The Vietnamese have had a long history of paying respect and gratitude to educators dating back from the time of Confucianism and way into the present. Therefore, Teachers Day in Vietnam is an important celebration taking place on November 20.

Every year, on November 20th, millions of people all over Vietnam celebrate National Teachers Day with flowers, gifts, and great gratitude. All the members of this society have someone as their teacher. Thus, they need to show respect for the quiet yet greatly significant contribution that teachers and educators have been making.

Let’s learn about Vietnamese Teacher’s Day and what people do to celebrate this day via our below blog.

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An Overview Of Teachers Day In Vietnam

Vietnamese Teacher’s Day is on November 20. Its establishment in 1958 followed the development of education around the world.

To protect the genuine rights of teachers, in July 1946, the World Federation of Teachers Unions (FISE) was established in Paris (France). In 1954, the core of socialist teachers unanimously approved the “Charter of Teachers.” The 2nd International Conference of Teachers (August 1957) decided to take November 20 every year as “International Charter of Teachers Day.”

Vietnamese Teacher's Day in the past - Student Exchange Vietnam

On November 20, 1958, for the first time, people throughout North Vietnam celebrated Teachers Day. Later, upon the country’s reunification, people throughout the country started to widely take November 20 as Teachers Day. It gradually became a traditional day for the Vietnamese teacher community.

As you can see, the birth of Teachers Day in Vietnam relates firmly to political matters. However, whatever its backstory is, it has become a joyful day among students and teachers across Vietnam. Besides traditional ceremonies, there are lots of exciting celebrations, such as flowers, gifts, visits to teachers’s homes, school music shows, etc.

Is Vietnamese Teacher’s Day For Foreign Teachers?

Vietnamese Teacher’s Day is dedicated to all the people who teach someone something and stay in Vietnam’s territory. One does not necessarily have a teaching career or Vietnamese nationality to receive wishes, respect, and gifts from his or her students. People in Vietnam believe that “one word or half a word makes a teacher” (Vietnamese: một chữ cũng là thầy, nửa chữ cũng là thầy).

Despite their teachers’ nationality, Vietnamese people consider people who teach them something to be their teachers. Therefore, if you’re a foreign teacher who is living in Vietnam, don’t hesitate to engage in your day!

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How Do People Celebrate Teachers Day In Vietnam?

Traditional Ceremonies

The Vietnamese have a long list of sayings and lessons to teach children about teacher merit. Growing up with these ideas, children, and also their parents, in Vietnam know how to respect their teachers and pay tribute to the noble work that teachers have done to educate them.

“If you want to cross a river, build a bridge

If you want your kids to do well at school, love the teachers.”

With such an important role, teachers have lots of grateful ceremonies on their day. For example, most schools allow students and teachers a day off for a formal ceremony. This includes a speech by the principal and a student representative. Also, special prizes are granted to different teachers in recognition of their respective contributions to education.

Teachers Day In Vietnam - Student Exchange Vietnam

Furthermore, days before the occasion, students at all schools prepare a music performance (a song, a dance, a flash mob) or a play for their teachers. Some schools even organize a competition where the best performers will be chosen to perform on the special day.

Besides, parents and students show respect to teachers by offering flowers and gifts. Plus, students often wait for this day or the days before to visit their old teachers to express their gratitude and talk about memories of school days.

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More importantly, these celebrations are not strictly dedicated only to people who teach classes but also to those who provide moral education or anyone who has been nurturing the development of children and students in one way or another. Whoever is important to a child’s early stages can be celebrated on this day.

Flowers And Gifts

Gifts for teachers on their days can be material or spiritual. Yet, most importantly, it must carry the love and gratitude of students to the teachers. Popular gifts on Teachers Day in Vietnam are fresh flowers, fruit baskets, notebooks, fountain pens, souvenirs, and fashion items like fabrics or neckties.

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Before and on Vietnamese Teachers Day, flower vendors will appear along the streets of Vietnam. They sell a wide range of flowers wrapped into gorgeous bouquets. Popular types of blossoms for this occasion are orchids, tulips, carnations, roses, sunflowers, white lotus, and gerbera flowers. Red, yellow, and pink are the most sought-after colors that symbolize different meanings.

Visits To Teachers’ Homes

Vietnamese Teacher’s Day on November 20 gives students, especially old students, a chance to visit their endearing teachers. Normally, all teachers will have a day off work to attend ceremonies or formal parties or simply take a break at home. Then, students in the same class will gather and come to visit their teachers at their homes.

It’s a lovely custom on Teachers Day that many teachers and students retain warm memories of. Unfortunately, today, this has become less and less than it was in the last few decades. However, for some groups of students, visiting teachers on this special day is a must.

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Performances And Contests

Art and cultural activities: Students in Vietnam will join some activities to celebrate Teachers Day, such as drawing pictures, composing poems, performing music and arts, singing songs, and performing plays.

Teachers Day In Vietnam - Student Exchange Vietnam

School fairs: An interesting idea for students who want to show gratitude to their teachers is to organize a fair. Here, students prepare handmade products and home-cooked dishes. Then, their teachers will become VIP customers who will enjoy the food and products.

Flower arrangement contests: Students will gather into teams and make the most beautiful flower basket for their teachers in a limited time. It’s thrilling and useful as it encourages their creativity and innovation.

Poster-making contest: With teachers as the main theme, students will design their posters with poems, drawings, and songs. Their final products will be hung on their classroom walls. It’s a good idea to relax together after school and to express their feelings and gratitude towards teachers.

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Academic Competitions

Moreover, Teachers Day in Vietnam is an event to emphasize the long-standing educational path of the Vietnamese. Thus, schools launch several classroom excellence awards and academic competitions. This creates a festive atmosphere for teaching and learning. Classrooms are transformed into spaces for scholarly endeavors and intellectual challenges.

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To promote an environment of active learning, students participate in lively discussions, tests, and knowledge-sharing sessions. The celebration of learning and teaching is a lively and intellectually stimulating aspect of Teachers’ Day celebrations, as teachers are recognized and honored for their commitment to developing young minds.

Summary: Teachers Day In Vietnam

Vietnamese Teachers Day is an invaluable tradition that is meant to teach young people about the importance of education and the people who are providing it. Their presence is anything but flashy. Yet, their impact is undeniably significant to every life they touch. So let us all say…

Dear teachers,

Working in the field of international education, we understand how tough it can be to educate a generation into smart, hard-working and earnest people. We also understand that it is harder than ever to be an educator in this increasingly globalized world, and that is why we regard your work very highly. On this special day of celebration for educators around Vietnam, we wish you an amazing day filled with joy, inspiration and perseverance to pursue the noble mission of educating and connecting young people all across Vietnam.

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