COVID-19 Manual: All You Need To Know About COVID-19 in Vietnam

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Over the past two years, the advent of COVID-19 has made significant changes to many aspects of life worldwide. While the fight against this pandemic has not yet ended, we are learning to adapt to the new normal – a coexisting life with COVID-19. Apart from following good practices suggested by WHO, each nation, Vietnam included, also initiates its own approaches and regulations to mitigate the consequences of disease outbreaks. If you plan for an international education experience in Vietnam next year 2022, your safety abroad is of utmost priority. We, the ABROADER team, had compiled the Vietnam COVID-19 MANUAL to assist you in gathering precise and useful information about COVID-19 in Vietnam. We hope this helps you have a safe and enjoyable journey abroad!



About the Vietnam Covid-19 Manual 

The Vietnam COVID-19 Manual is the outcome of researching and compiling official and useful information about COVID-19 in Vietnam from reliable sources such as the Ministry of Health (MOH), The News Agency, Online Newspaper of Government, U.S Embassy and Consulate in Vietnam, and so on. It aims to provide the ABROADER staff and our relevant stakeholders including the local community (local buddies, host organizations/ institutions, and host family); sending organizations (University/Partner Agency); and international participants and their families with fundamental information about COVID-19 in Vietnam. 

The Inclusions of the Vietnam Covid-19 Manual 

The manual consists of three main parts: 


  • Terminology

This part covers common terms used widely in Vietnam in the COVID-19 prevention and control. You might ask what 5K and 5T messages are or what F-system (F0, F1, F2, F3, F4 & F5) means. It is crucial to understand them correctly so that you follow the local law and regulations properly during the pandemic. 



  • General Information

This section provides a roadmap to prepare you at every stage of your journey to Vietnam in the COVID-19 situation. You will be advised what to bring with you (whether you should buy a rapid COVID-19 test KIT), the procedures of departure to Vietnam (i.e., entry requirements), what to keep in mind when you live in Vietnam (i.e., quarantine time, vaccination, public space, and services, etc.,) and the process of departure from Vietnam. 


All you need to know about traveling to and living in Vietnam during COVID-19

  • Emergency and Crisis Situation Responses

This part is about the action the local site team will take to mitigate the risks caused by COVID-19, ensuring participants’ health and safety. 

Our messages

Regulations in the COVID-19 prevention are subjected to change based on each situation. This manual was last updated in December 2021 and it will be periodically updated. Regarding important information about the COVID-19 situation, regulations, and policies in Vietnam, we will be constantly sharing to relevant stakeholders via our newsletters and COVID-19 updates on our website (link website).

We hope to share this manual with our valued stakeholders and we encourage you to use it for consulting with students or to understand better about the covid-19 in Vietnam.

In the process of compiling the manual, we believe there will be room for improvement. We really appreciate having you read it and send us your feedback. Besides, information related to covid-19 in Vietnam in this manual might not cover all your questions. Therefore, we are happy to receive your questions to enrich our FAQs in this Manual. All feedback and questions are collected through this Google Form

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