Elena Tokukatsu

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DSC_0252Elena working at APU Vietnam Office


Though Elena‘s first internship abroad was only for 10 days, that was truly a life-changing experience to her. “At first, I was quite nervous about going somewhere overseas alone to do internship but it was definitely worth it. I not only got work experience but learnt about the culture in Vietnam which I would never had a chance to do if I hadn’t come”, she said.

Talking about her work at Ritsumeikan APU Vietnam Office as a marketing intern, the lovely girl shared with us: “I have never had much contact with online marketing, so it was interesting. I have learned research skill, time management skill and the marketing knowledge – thinking about the viewers/customers.”

“Overall, I think I had a really fun time and enjoyed the many different kind of activities.” She also recommends this program to any student who is interested in Southeast Asia, especially Vietnam.

DSC_0221Elena and Giang – her local buddy


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