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One indispensable part of any experience is your time with other people, which you’d rather make the most of. However, when you travel to other parts of the world, for example for an internship in Vietnam, you are probably met with unexpected incidents or shocks that involve the locals or travelers yourselves. It’s all about differences and unfamiliarity, but if you know how to handle, they will turn out to be the best part of your whole experience.


Wherever you go in Vietnam, people surrounding you are mostly the locals in general, who are definitely more than happy to have you there with them. Vietnamese people are generally hospitable and willing to help you in time of need. And if you are doing internship in Vietnam, local people are most likely to be your host family. In this case, it is even more important to behave yourself. One of our traditions is to treat guests or friends better than family in some meeting occasions, because we want to make the best impression on you. Nonetheless, there may still be confusion or misunderstanding if you don’t understand about Vietnamese cultures. For instance, the elderly in a family are most respected, so whatever the entire family do, they will do first (eating, going, talking about some issues,…), so notice the behavior of the family members to know what to do appropriately. In addition, sometimes you’ll be asked questions you consider private, such as your job, salary, marital status,… Don’t get angry, just politely reject to answer if you’re not comfortable with those questions. The locals don’t mind it!

internship in Vietnam 1Taka, his friends, professor, program coordinator and host family in Vietnam.

Here are several homestay tips if you do have the chance to stay at a local’s house!

Among local people, there may be those who you consider your friends or buddies, as they are of the same age as you or you have many things in common. If you are close, here you go, it’s easy to stay close. However, in case you meet Vietnamese young people for the first time and you guys don’t know anything much about each other, you also don’t have to worry, because Vietnamese young people are very open and sociable. Although you may find some quite reserved, it is because you haven’t met before or probably they are not really confident in their English. In general, it’s super easy to make friends here in Vietnam, so being alone is just a status by choice!


Maile (right) and her local buddy together at the Color Me Run in Hanoi.

You are a very energetic person and want to make as many friends as possible? There are quite a lot places and groups for you to enlarge your circle! In the evening in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, you can go to the city centers, especially in pedestrian streets to meet new people and enjoy the local life! For example, in Old Quarters in Hanoi, Ta Hien street is a great place for the youth to meet up, have conversations while enjoying the greatest beer atmosphere in the capital. In addition, you can join groups that connect foreigners with foreigners or with local young people, who then will share their experiences in the country, and you will never be alone again!

internship in Vietnam 3Ta Hien Beer Street is always crowded in the evening. Source:

If you are still confused at what exactly to do, follow some of these tips or these tips!

That’s about having fun! Now, if you are not just a tourist but an intern working for a period of time, it’s also about work that you may need to bear in mind. To understand more about the business culture in Vietnam, check this out!


Suppose that you are having or going to have an incredible time in Vietnam, but it would be a regret not preserving it for future memories. So, how to keep these memories in the best way? It’s up to you! However, to make things easier, we have some ideas for you!

In terms of tangible harvests, photos, pictures, videos are of course on top of the list. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a professional photographer, it’s all about how you feel about your journey. But you still want some ideas what to take pictures of in the city? Listen to what professionals say!

Besides such digital memory keepers, souvenirs play an equally important role. You can easily buy souvenirs that are related to Vietnam in shops in the cities, but it would be greater to go to original places where traditional products come from! Some suggestions are: Bat Trang village for pottery, Van Phuc village for silk, Dong Ho village for pictures,…

internship in Vietnam 4 One corner in Bat Trang traditional pottery village. Source: viettravelmagazine.cominternship in Vietnam 5You can even create your own artwork! Source:

internship in Vietnam 6One shop in Van Phuc traditional silk village. Source:

In addition to tangible harvests, you can also keep in your heart intangible ones, so when you think of Vietnam, you will still feel you are part of it. Learn some Vietnamese slangs? Great idea! Learn to cook some Vietnamese cuisines? Definitely! Or… fall in love with a Vietnamese person!

internship in Vietnam 8

Slangs? Why not? Source:

No matter what you do, your trip to Vietnam will surely become one of the best in your life. This coming summer and fall, the door to various opportunities of internship in Vietnam is widely open. You are always welcomed!



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