Top 8 Ha Long Bay Caves That Ignite Your Wanderlust in Vietnam

Discover the enchanting wonderland of Halong Bay, a breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage Site nestled in the captivating Quang Ninh Province of Vietnam. Embark on a journey through a mesmerizing tapestry of approximately 1,600 islands, both grand and petite, where nature has crafted a masterpiece like no other. But wait, there’s more! Delve into a realm of awe-inspiring beauty as you explore the hidden treasures of Halong Bay’s magnificent caves. With so many remarkable options to choose from, we’ve handpicked the top 8 Ha Long Bay caves that will leave you spellbound. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure as we unveil these iconic and jaw-dropping caves that deserve a special place on your Vietnam travel itinerary.

1. Surprise Cave, the biggest cave in Ha Long Bay

Located on Bo Hon Island, Surprise Cave (or Sung Sot Cave) is one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Halong Bay. The place is concentrated on many rocky islands of various shapes.

Entering the cave, your first thought might be that it’s just a very small area. However, once you walk through the stone crevices and go inside, you will be amazed. The area is huge, covering an area of about 10,000 square meters. Many tourists marvel at its majesty and immensity. Maybe that’s why it’s called the “Cave of Surprise”.

The cave is divided into 2 main areas. The first one gives you the feeling of entering an immersive theater, with stalactites and stalagmites lining the ceiling. The second is another space. The ceiling of the cave is covered with many stalactites, and the stalagmites are like a smooth “velvet carpet”, dotted with countless sparkling chandeliers.

2. Thien Cung Cave – a present from nature to Ha Long Bay

Thien Cung, just 4 kilometers from the harbour, is the most interesting and legendary cave, compared to the unique winding road through “Thien Cung”.

At an altitude of 27 meters, visitors have to climb 90 stone steps to reach the entrance of the cave. The cave is known for its intricate interior, high ceilings and many doors. There are three large chambers in the cave, each with majestic stalactites and stalagmites. They are of different sizes and strange shapes, such as fish, birds, and fairies.

Tiangong Cave is also famous for the legend of the ancient Dragon King. He defeated the invaders and was not rewarded, but returned to his cave. The Dragon Prince married a girl named Mei. Their wedding was held in a cave, with many dragons, eagles and serpents in attendance. Walking around the cave, you can see this scene carved on the rock wall.

3. Light and Dark Cave – Nature’s magical creation

If you’re looking for a cave that’s less populated, this is the place to be. Close to the border of Lan Ha Bay and only about 1 km from the Cave of Surprises, the dark and light caves are only accessible by boat or kayak.

Compared to other caves in Halong Bay, it is equally beautiful and has a wide variety of flora and fauna in the ecosystem. From the entrance, you can already see a lot of fig trees and orchids around. After entering the door, there are towering trees and fragrant flowers. There are also various creatures such as crabs, shrimps, and corals in the lake. As the name suggests, the cave is divided into two parts: the dark cave and the sang cave. The large dark cave with weak light brings a mysterious beauty here. In contrast, inside Sang Cave, sunlight pours into the cave from the opening, making this cave one of the most beautiful in Halong Bay.

When you come to the light and dark cave, there are many interesting choices waiting for you. You can take part in many water activities such as bathing on the beach, diving to discover marine life or kayaking to explore the beautiful scenery. Especially for those who are keen on kayaking and exploring nature, it is possible to travel through Sang Cave to a beautiful valley surrounded by majestic mountains.

4. Trinh Nu Cave – a symbol of love

8 Famous Halong Bay Caves and Caves Worth a Visit in Vietnam

Trinh Nu Cave is located within the boundaries of Bo Hon Island, only about 15 kilometers from Bai Chay. Although some fishermen live here, it is considered a symbol of true love and a romantic place for young couples on their love journey.

Legend has it that there was once a beautiful fisherman’s daughter. His family was poor, so he had to serve the rich man of the fishing ground. The steward forced the family to take the girl as his concubine. However, the daughter refused on the grounds of having a lover. Enraged by her rejection, he exiles her to a desert island, where she starves and thirsts in vain for her lover, until she dies and petrifies. When visiting the cave today, you can still see the statue of a girl with long hair and eyes lying on the ground.

Trinh Nu Cave consists of three compartments: a flat-roofed house, 8 meters long and 5 meters wide, connected by a narrow window. There are many stalagmites and stalactites of various shapes in the cave, forming beautiful carvings on the walls.

5. Dau Go Cave – The Cave of Wonders

8 Famous Halong Bay Caves and Caves Worth a Visit in Vietnam

Dau Go Cave  is one of the most famous caves in Halong Bay due to its sheer size and scale. The French tourists who first discovered the cave called it “Grotte des Marveilles”, which means “Cave of Miracles”. The cave is truly a beautiful place, you have to see it for yourself.

There are many explanations for the name of the cave. The most popular theory is that a long time ago, some fishermen gathered in front of Dau Go cave to repair their boats. Afterwards, many wooden blocks were left behind. The name Dau Go was also formed from this event.

Due to the many small and tall stone pillars and stalagmites, Dau Go Cave gives visitors an ancient, wild and extremely quiet beauty. In addition, it is more unique than other caves, with a rich flora and fauna system. Its structure is divided into 3 chambers. The first cave has many colorful stalactites with patterns of lions, turtles, pythons and more. Go to the second cave and you will see images of rocky islands. Finally, the image of the giant stone pillars is quite beautiful.

6. Me Cung Cave – a beautiful labyrinth

8 Famous Halong Bay Caves and Caves Worth a Visit in Vietnam

Me Cung Cave  is one of the most attractive attractions in Halong Bay due to its outstanding historical, cultural and natural value.

The cave is like a vibrant “museum” where many archaeological evidences are preserved. For those interested in history, you can learn about the pre-Ha Long culture from about 7,000 to 10,000 years ago. As you explore the cave, you’ll have the chance to see and even touch the fossilized bones of freshwater animals left on the cave walls. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to learn more about where and how prehistoric humans lived and lived.

To explore the cave in the heart of the mountain, visitors must pass stone steps. The highlight of Me Cung cave is the large stone pillars formed by the development of thousand-year-old stalactites and stalagmites. There is also a spiral gleaming stone system in the cave, which makes people feel as if they have entered the palace of emperors of all ages.

7. Luon Cave – a paradise of majestic natural landscapes

8 Famous Halong Bay Caves and Caves Worth a Visit in Vietnam

Located 14 kilometers south of Bai Chay Beach and only 1 kilometer from Sung Sot Cave, Luon Cave is an ideal destination for visiting Halong Bay.

There are Turtle Island and Tianmen in front of the entrance of the cave, and the sea is steep and the water is clear. Crossing Turtle Island, the clear blue waters become even calmer and more peaceful. That is the Loon Cave. It looks like a circular iron bow with a blue lake in the middle. The lake is surrounded by cliffs, charming orchids, shaded by ancient trees and lush vegetation. Under the calm blue waters is the colorful life of different sea creatures such as shrimps, crabs and squids.

Luon Cave attracts tourists mainly due to its amazing and amazing stalactites. Stepping here is like being in a crystal clear and eye-catching stalactite paradise. But cruise ships are not allowed to enter the cave, and can only dock near the entrance of the cave. Therefore, you can explore the caves by bamboo boat or kayak. During the journey of exploring Luon Cave, the most attractive impression for tourists is the natural scenery. It is a wonderful combination of watercolor, plants, mountains, and heaven and earth. This place is really worth exploring for 1 day.

8. Tien Ong Cave – new cave to be included in your itinerary

8 Famous Halong Bay Caves and Caves Worth a Visit in Vietnam

Tien Ong Cave, about 5 to 7 kilometers from Cat Ba Island, is one of the interesting caves not to be missed in your Halong Bay travel itinerary. With its thousands-year-old system of stalactites and stalagmites, this place was the cradle of the ancient Vietnamese.

Tien Ong Cave (called Grotle du Vieau by the French) has an area of nearly 1000m2. Rustic tall stone columns divide the cave into 2 compartments. Although most of the caves in Ha Long Bay have narrow entrances and wide interiors, this one is completely different. Especially the large entrance gate (50m wide, 14m high, short) leads to a large area inside (approximately 1000m2). Walking in, you can admire a stalactite block, which looks like an old man with a gentle face and long hair and beard. The locals called him the magical “Fairy Godfather”. Thus, the name Tien Ong began.

In addition to the pure natural beauty, there are also relics of prehistoric life such as mountain snails, freshwater snails or simple stone tools and bone tools in the cave. Many archaeologists have explained that the ancient inhabitants chose this cave as a shelter because it faced southeast and could avoid the cold wind.

Therefore, the cave is a good place to not only appreciate the cave, but also learn about history, culture and structure.

Entrance into the ancient kingdoms of Ha Long Bay’s beautiful caves, where the very soul of Vietnam’s past lays asleep. Allow yourself to be carried away by the hallowed caves’ ethereal beauty and ancient history. This is your chance to travel deep into the heart of Vietnam, uncover the stories of generations past, and view nature’s most magnificent creations. Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of these majestic Ha Long Bay caves and build an unbreakable connection with Vietnam’s spirit.