[HCM] Local Buddies needed for Australian students (04/01/2020 – 26/01/2020)

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2020 Uon Recruitment 3Hello Saigonese!

Are you looking to sharpen your English and general communication skills?

Do you want to hangout with foreigners all day, everyday?

Is having a chance to develop yourself in an exciting, international, yet meaningful your goal?

Then join ABROADER’s Local Buddy team. NOW!


Who are Local buddies going to work with?

Students from all around the world! For this Jan 2020 program, they will be seeing 17 awesome students from University of Newcastle, Australia. The students are majoring in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and are coming here to explore the culture and potential of Vietnam!

 But who are Local buddies?

ABROADER’s Local buddies are Vietnamese students that want to submerge themselves in an international environment that is suggestive and encouraging for self-development in soft skills & language capacity by accompanying global students from all over the world going to Vietnam.

 What do Local buddies do?

They will: 

  • Help create instructive environment for international students to understand Vietnam.

  • Share and exchange their knowledge of their hometown with foreign students.

  • Expose both them and global students to new cultures from around the world.

  • Give and gift themselves a full Vietnamese experience that no one can forget.

 What are the benefits for becoming Local buddies?

Being in ABROADER’s Local buddy team, they are likely to:

  • Improve their soft skills and English capacity through exchanging information and activites with foreigners.

  • Raise their self-esteem.

  • Add a new story to their life.

  • Enjoy ABROADER’s subsidised activities.

  • Obtain a certificate for their operation internationally – a bonus point to employers.

Who should apply for ABROADER’s Local buddy team?

  • Sudents from any universities in Ho Chi Minh City.

  • People who would like to improve themselves through global way.

  • Anyone with a high sense of honesty, commitment, responsibility, enthusiasm, and compassion.

  • Those with the urge to practice English no matter which level they are on.

  • Vietnamese that enjoy sharing their knowledge about the country’s rich history and culture.


  • Then just fill out this form:
  • Program starts from January 4th to January 26th of 2020 in Vietnam.
  • Application period: before 11.59 p.m, December 4th, 2019
  • Applicants who are eligible will be contacted via email for interview. Due to the number of applicants, we are unfortunately unable to contact unsuccessful candidates.





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