Internship in Vietnam – 2016 Fees Announcement

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Starting from January 1st 2016, the standard fee for a full internship program with SE Vietnam will be $ 850 USD

Unless you have special requests for additional services from us, in most cases that amount will remain unchanged regardless of your internship duration.

In case you only seek for an internship placement in Vietnam, the program fee is set to be $ 500 USD/placement and does not depend on the length of your internship either


WHY $ 850 USD?

Besides matching you with the best employer for your desired internship placement, our programs also include many special components to assist you in settling down in Vietnam and make sure you have an excellent overall experience with your internship. 

Those special components are packaged in one toolkit and are basically everything you need to get settled in Vietnam: 



Alumni Discount: If you have already completed a program with us in the past, a discount which includes $ 100 USD off the total program fees will be applied for your next internship with us.

Enter this PROMO CODE: ALU100 when you do the online application to be automatically eligible for the discount. 


*NoteThese fees do not include round-trip international airfare, visa fee, health insurance, accommodation, meals and your other personal expenses while in Vietnam. 


On behalf of SE Vietnam

Mo Nguyen – Director


You can learn more about the benefits of doing an internship in Vietnam here

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