Celebrating 3 Years of Life-Changing Experiences and International Friendships

Looking Back at What We Have Achieved the Last Three Years

It’s hard to summarize three years in a single article, but we want to try our best…

SE Vietnam 3 years

Student Exchange Vietnam started with Mo’s vision to promote Vietnam as a destination for study abroad and internship. Mo had experience in an international NGO before joining a private university in 2010, where she became the Director of International Cooperation before creating SE Vietnam. The dream to build SE Vietnam started when her desire for going abroad for international exposure was cut short because, like most other Vietnamese students at the time, she couldn’t afford it. The entrepreneurial spirit in Mo told her something needed to be done, both to create a more international environment inside Vietnam and to bring more opportunities for Vietnamese students to go overseas, that was when SE Vietnam was born.

But who says starting up a brilliant business wasn’t hard?

Mo and the core team spent days and days sending countless emails from their small office to prospective partners hoping for an answer. And when the work finally paid off, it paid off big time. The first intern that SE Vietnam welcomed was a student from Japan and his name was, guess what, Hajime (Hajime is a Japanese word for “the beginning”!). SE Vietnam started getting more inquiries for our program, more and more partners came to do business with us like World Internships, IEEF, CISabroad, IE3 Global, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, University of Findlay, Bangkok University, Ryugaku Journal, IIE Generations Abroad, Studentsgoabroad. SE Vietnam became the Exclusive Partner with Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and worked with reputational educational institutions like University of Findlay (Ohio, U.S.A); University of Newcastle (Australia), the University of California, San Diego. 


Vietnam Scholars Program with University of Findlay


Global Seminar Program with University of California, San Diego

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Advanced Control System Design Program with University of Newcastle

SE Vietnam developed during a period of great transformation. Our online presentation transformed and our office expanded in kind. We have seen an increase in interest to do study and internship abroad programs internationally and in Vietnam.

Doing what we do, we take pride in not only promoting Vietnam as a more popular destination for study and internship abroad, we are also proud of the lives that we touched, from international students who crave challenges and novel experience to Vietnamese students who strive best to gain world exposure despite their limited financial resources. From all of our study programs and internships in Vietnam, we were there to witness so many international friendships blooming and lives transformed from the mere power of stepping out of one’s comfort zone and giving travel a chance.

Looking Forward to Amazing Programs we will Deliver in the Future

Student Exchange Vietnam’s vision is to become the office for the Vietnam Ministry of Education to support internationalization for higher education and guide local universities in broadening their international network. For now, we will continue to produce the best study tours, internship opportunities and programs that enable cooperation between international and local students in sustainable projects, including, but not limited to heath care for minority group children, environmental protection at production firms, reforming soil and cleaning river. We believe that your budget should not stop you from seeing the world and we take very seriously our responsibility of making safe, satisfying, and affordable travel in the form of an internship, volunteer or study program,  available to almost everyone.

Internship in Vietnam 2

Looking forward to a bright future with SE Vietnam

Stories of Our Partners Students and Local Buddies

Each of our students had a different experience while doing study program or an internship with SE Vietnam. However, the one thing they all agree on is that their experience in Vietnam really helped shape their world views, their career orientation and their life. As our slogan goes “Your Journey is Our Story”. We want to continue telling the story of SE Vietnam’s growth so far by sharing some of the things our dear students, partners, local buddies have to say about their journeys with us.

Internship in Vietnam Prof CUmmings

So Sadamoto



How are we celebrating our sweet THREE!!!

Internship in Vietnam 6 (1)

The scene of our birthday party

Internship in Vietnam 6 (2)

A board with wishes from our partners, alumni, local buddies and staff were crafted

Internship in Vietnam (2) 6

SE Vietnam’s special birthday cake!

Internship in Vietnam (4)

Time to light those candles and make wishes for a happy 3 year anniversary!


A Group BBQ Lunch out for the special occassion 


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