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No one is more excited for the new year more than us here at SE Vietnam! Why? Because new year means getting ready to welcome more and more international students to Vietnam for journeys and experiences of a lifetime. Let’s hop on a quick tour to see what happening with us last December and January!

December 7th, 2017 – February 3rd, 2018: 

SE Vietnam welcomed Nick Parmeter from Australia for a Communication Internship in Vietnam. Nick is a student of Communication and International Studies from Western Sydney University who loves experiencing an overseas life, learning about other cultures and making new friends. His dream career is to become a news reporter working overseas in the Middle East or in Asia.

Nick worked as a volunteer for two months at the Vietnamese branch of an international nonprofit housing organization that works to help low-income Vietnamese families improve their living conditions through decent homes, clean water and safe sanitation and post-disaster reconstruction and repairs, provide training in disaster preparedness, financial education, hygiene practices, and construction skills to individuals.

Nick found his work at the organization both very meaningful and enjoyable as he got on really well with his multi-national co-workers (from Vietnam, the U.S., Korean and so on) and work on communication projects that allowed him to do hands-on work and learn more about Vietnam. As a curious and active individual, Nick also wasted no time to fit himself right into the local life hanging out with co-workers after work, explore the city of Saigon with his local buddies and go on weekend trips with his host family in Vietnam. 


 Nick welcomed at the airport by program coordinator and local buddy

internship in Vietnam

Nick having the first meal of traditional Vietnamese foods with his host mother (middle).

internship in Vietnam 2

internship in Vietnam 3

Nick getting to see the city of Saigon on a city tour with his local buddy

internship in Vietnam 3 (2)

Joining a Youth Talk event with young Vietnamese

 internship in vietnam 4

Going out to the countriside for a change of fresh air with a weekend trip to the Mekong Delta


Saying goodbye to Nick with a certificate of program completion. We wish you success in your future endeavors Nick!

January 2018: Say Hello to our very first intern of the year, Jennifer Ho, a fresh graduate from University of Houston, Texas. Jennifer came to Vietnam on January 2018 for 4 weeks for a Public Health Internship at VNHIP (Vietnam Health Improvement Project) in Đà Nẵng City, one of the most beautiful coastal cities of Vietnam. Here is a bit of sharing from Jennifer about the unique experience she had during internship in Vietnam for VNHIP.

“Thanks to Student Exchange Vietnam, I was connected to the Vietnam Health Improvement Project (VNHIP), an organization that works on improving the health and wellbeing of people in Vietnam. I was able to work on projects for children living with HIV and disabilities during my time in Da Nang. Stigma and discrimination are prevalent in Vietnam because of the lack of understanding of HIV/AIDS. Oftentimes families hide their children’s HIV-positive status from neighbors and even people at school, in fear of discrimination or getting kicked out of school. It can also be difficult to get medication for their children under their financial circumstances. VNHIP has helped numerous children in Da Nang, and they continue to do so. It was such a pleasure working with VNHIP and getting to interact with all the sweet kids. Thank you for such a great learning experience!”


Jennifer spent a lot of her time in Vietnam working with children on social projects.

28383188_1918831624857069_1869823895_n - Copy

She also had co-workers and supervisor that assist and guide her through the internship in Vietnam


January 6th – January 28th, 2018: Monash University Group Internship in Vietnam

The group of 6 students majoring in primary and secondary education from Monash University, Australia headed overseas early January for their Education Internship in Vietnam. The experience was constructed to give the students exposure to the Vietnam’s education system in both the public and private school sectors as well as to provide chances for academic and cultural exchange with local teachers and students.


The students and their local buddies on a city tour after arriving in Vietnam


Monash students warmly welcomed by Nguyen Thi Dinh primary school

Slide35 The students looking happy as they wrap up their 3 weeks internship in Vietnam

The students were enthusiastically welcomed into the schools by both the faculty and the students. Their internship was not only an opportunity for them to practice their teaching skills in real life, at a different country and environment, it also opened up an occasion for cultural exchange and language skills practice on the part of local teachers and students. The students were placed in primary or secondary classes according to their major, some students teach chemistry, science and arts, others teach English lessons.

You can learn more about Monash students activities here and take a look at memorable moments during their internship in Vietnam here.



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